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Did Someone Say, “Chupito”?

Did Someone Say, "Chupito"?
Written by Olivia

Chupito (n) definition: a shot, a shot of alcohol. Possible side effects: foggy memory, a boost of confidence, questionable life choices, including binge eating pizza at 2am, dancing on the bar, singing 90s music at the top of your lungs, etc.. or did. I just describe my Saturday night? JUST KIDDING!

Apart from the literal definition, Espit Chupitos is a refined establishment where one can choose from a staggering variety of 600 different “chupitos” and cocktails, hopefully not all in one sitting, though. Created in 1989 in Calafell, this franchise has grown into over 15 locations throughout Spain and even Paris.

Each sector has special shots that are signature to that specific area, and the owner gets fun and creative when it comes to shot-inventions. There are shots. Although this place might as well have a sign next to it that says, AMERICANS DRINK HERE, the variety is of drinks and people are equally wonderful, with an atmosphere that vibrant and vivacious to say the least.

Literally setting fire to the bar

Literally setting fire to the bar

Top Selling Shots

The shots are all very blatantly labeled and displayed behind the bar to see, however sans description which heightens the excitement for ordering a new shot. The Boy Scout comes complete with marshmallow on a stick that you can roast ON THE BAR after the bartender lights it on fire!?

Boy Scout Shot

Boy Scout Shot

The “Harry Potter” is literally on fire, so make sure you drink after the flames extinguish…

The Monica Lewinsky requires a blindfold, assistance from the bartender, and photo/video evidence from your friends. Warning, this shot can get a little rowdy, but depending on how many chupitos you have already consumed.. Well, just try it out for yourself, it has a notorious reputation much like the actual Monica Lewinsky!

General Information

Technically speaking, you could have a wonderful night for an impressively cheap two euros if you decide you are set with just one shot. This is also a really popular place to pre-game before going bar hopping, especially if you choose the bar located in El Gotico.



If you decide you love the rowdy and lively environment but drinking shots isn’t your strong suit (is it anyone’s?), they have a selection of beers, wines, and a few signature cocktails to choose from. The Taberna del Espit (right next to the chain on Aribau) is especially perfect for those who cannot shoot em back: Monday through Thursday there is an option for self-service drinks for 3,50€. At the location at the “Gato Negro” bar, there are anti-crisis chupitos and tapas for JUST ONE EURO on Tuesdays, appreciated by party animals, alcoholics and foodies alike throughout the city.These string of bars are ideal for late-night partying, as they close at 2:30 Monday through Thursday and Sunday, and on Friday and Saturday night until the very late-night hour of 3 am! TIP: bar is usually dead until around 11:30 although it opens at 10:30. However, if you are coming with a bigger group, reserve a spot because it fills up fast!


In Barcelona there are a few of these refined establishments.

Espit Chupitos Passeig de Colom, 8 (metro Jaume I)

Espit Chupitos Aribau 77, (metro Provenca)

Taberna del Espit Aribau 81, (metro Provenca)

Concell de cent 268, (metro Universitat)

About the author


Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.

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