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Catalan folklore

Catalan folk culture and Casa dels Entremesos

Written by Paula

Founded in the year of 1439 by Consell da la Ciutat, La Casa dels Entremesos is a center that promotes Catalan folk culture. This house was created with the objective of conserving the figures and puppets used in the fourteenth century for entertainment and even religious ceremonies.

Casa dels EntemesosLa Casa dels Entremesos was later shut down, reopening its doors only in 2009. La Casa offers a series of activities like puppet workshops, dance classes, pyrotechnic classes, conferences on popular culture, concerts, guided visits and more.

La Casa dels Entremesos also helps organize shows and events for Christmas, Festes de Santa Eulàlia, Carnestoltes, Corpus, La Festa Catalana, Festas de la Mercè and Diada.

La Casa dels Entremesos is a good place to visit with children. There are more than 50 full-size colorful figures and Titelles, puppet shows that happen the second Saturday of each month.

You can also show them the house’s dancing giants collection, papier-mâché figures close to or taller than 2 meters high, that dance and twirl in the streets during some of Barcelona’s main festivals. The giants usually walk in pairs and normally represent important historical figures or popular archetypes.

The Casa also offers an activity called “Entre Jocs i Passejades”, in which kids can become better acquainted with Catalan popular culture by playing games, creating puppets and learning local forms of dancing.

One of Catalonia’s traditional dances is the Sardana, a dance in which people give their hands to each other, raising their arms and moving their feet to a particular rhythm. If you would like to learn how to dance the Sardana, La Casa dels Entremesos offers classes open to all ages.

Another dancing event organized by La Casa is the Ball de divendres (Friday’s ball). Created years ago by Esbart Català de Dansaires, Friday’s Ball is a night where people get together to practice Catalan styles of dancing. This activity aimed at adults was created as a way of enhancing people’s health, coordination and social life. Participants can learn Carnaval dancing, bastons dancing, partner-exchange dancing and more.

Catalan culture

Casa dels EntemesosDeeply connected to the Catalan culture, La Casa dels Enremesos also organizes books, CDs and documentary presentations, to promote works by Catalan artists.

La Casa dels Entremesos is located at Plaça de les Beates, number 2, in the Born neighborhood.  You can get there by using the yellow line (L4) of the metro and exiting at Jaume I.

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