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Spanish and Catalan cuisine

Catalan Christmas Recipes to Surprise Your Guests

pan tumaca or pan con tomate
Written by Adriana

During Christmas you probably have people coming home to eat in a social event with your family or with your friends that mean you have to cook for a group of people, right? Try to surprise your guests with a typical Catalan recipe that will leave they wanting more.

In this blog, we always give you culinary tips to go out to eat outside and find what you like, but this time, we suggest you enjoy one of our rental apartments in Barcelona cooking there. To do this, we have some suggestions.

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What are favourite Christmas recipes for Barcelona’s region?

Pasta soup with meat – sopa de galets con “pilota”

A while ago we explained how to prepare this traditional Christmas dish in Catalonia. Cooking galets soup is somewhat slow and time-consuming, the longer is the broth into the fire, the tastier will be.

sopa de galets

Photo via Visualhunt

Therefore, we recommend that you start to prepare it a few hours before your guests come home. It is an ideal dish to avoid the Christmas cold and to get enough calories to stand on your feet during all Christmas time.

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Escalivada coca (with vegetables)

This preparation of escalivada coca is simple, but requires some quality ingredients for an authentic taste, and also requires time and care in its preparation.

We could say that escalivada coca is like a vegetable pizza without tomato or cheese, but the mass of coca is thinner and crispier.

coca escalivada

Photo via Visualhunt

If you want to make it at home put the vegetables in the oven (red pepper and eggplant are the most common), peel them, saute them with some garlic and put them above the mass of coca and then bake it to complete the process.

You can buy the mass of the coca or make it at home, here’s the recipe.

Sausage with white beans – mongetes

This dish is very simple but you must buy good quality ingredients to make it tastier so your guests want to eat a second plate of it. You can buy the sausage in the butcher, usually, one per person is purchased.

mongetes y butifarra

Photo via Visualhunt

You can buy the mongetes or white beans already cooked and sauté them with garlic and spices before serving or cooking at home. Depends on you and the time you have. The result is not suitable for vegetarian people, but delicious.

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Bread with tomato and “embutidos” (sausages)

If you invite your friends over for dinner or lunch, but informally and just want to prepare some things to eat but not an entire meal, you will not disappoint your guests if you serve a table of good sausages with bread and tomato (pan con tomate).

We recommend you buy good bread, smear it with plenty of tomatoes, put a little of olive oil on it and some salt.

drinking from porron

Photo via Visualhunt

Not one of the Catalan Christmas recipes, but still tradition: drinking from the “porrón

Drinking wine straight from the “porrón” is a long tradition in Catalonia and in Spain and can be great fun if all diners try to drink from it.

The “porrón” is a glass container with a very thin mouth from where you have to drink carefully if you don’t want to get dirty. Try it!

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Have you tried making these Catalan Christmas recipes at home? Did you succeed?
Tell us what your guests thought of these dishes!

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