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bars in barcelona

Written by James

Barcelona is one of Europe’s premier cities for nightlife, and visitors and residents of the city are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing somewhere to spend their evening. There are numerous bars dotted around the city offering patrons various takes on classic drinks, as well as the newest trends. The following article will detail different types of bars popular in Barcelona, and will examine how you can find apartments to rent in Barcelona regardless of how long you are staying for.

Barcelona Bars

The nightlife in Barcelona is regarded by many as one of the best and most exciting in the whole of Europe. The Spanish are not known to be heavy drinkers when compared to other nationalities, and as a result there are far fewer pubs in Barcelona. Instead, there are plenty of bars and after hour’s establishments and readers will find these places hidden all over the city. If you truly want to experience the best Barcelona bars then you are advised to spend some time beforehand investigating bars that are currently popular. It’s also a good idea to check out this Time Out guide on Barcelona’s best bars, in addition to this piece by Trip Advisor on where to go.

Cocktail Bars

Cocktail bars are very popular in Barcelona and are a perfect way to start your night out after eating. The Ginger bar in Palma de Sant Just is revered by many Barcelonans and is housed in a curved building decked out with posters for classic movies. The Tandem Cocktail bar located at Eixample Esquerre is another extremely popular bar in Barcelona and is decorated with décor traditional associated with such establishments. Visitors will find a large selection of drinks to choose from all made by expert mixologists.

Renting in Barcelona

The best way to find suitable accommodation whilst staying or living in Barcelona is by renting from a flexible letting agency such as ShBarcelona. Flexible letting agencies specialise in properties for rent for altering periods of time. The length of time that the accommodation can be rented for is varied and ranges from a single day to a whole year, and everything in between. Flexible letting agencies such as ShBarcelona are very suitable for people who are staying in Barcelona for an indefinite period but are unsure of the exact length of their stay. The company also participates in Barcelona real estate and has a number of properties available to buy.


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