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Barcelona Cruise Schedule

Written by James

Ever been on a cruise? If not, ever thought about it? There are so many cruises to and from Barcelona that you should really consider it. Cruises are basically floating luxury hotels which take you to all the places you would love to see in comfort and style.

cruise barcelonaThere are many ways to travel to a destination, but most people would agree that at least half of the fun is getting there. Perhaps on a road trip you might end up in places you never intended and that can be good fun, but it’s also good to sometimes have the kind of trip where you just treat yourself and relax.

Forget about going on an airline. If it’s not a discount airline it’s often way too expensive and you’ve spent the souvenir money on an uncomfortable pressurised cabin with bad food and worse bathroom privacy. Take a discount airline and you have to go through the mission of printing your pass and checking yourself in and taking every possible precaution so that they don’t overcharge you for something silly, like you bag being half a kilo overweight.

A luxury cruise give you a ride to your destination with all the amenities included in the trip. You can’t go clubbing, play basketball or go swimming on a plane now, can you?

The Barcelona cruise schedule which can be found here shows that the cruises tend to pick up in the Summertime around the end of April. Here you can find out all the cruise ship terminals and information on their destinations.

There is also a great article to Mediterranean cruises lines written by a cruise expert found here.

Over the last ten years there has been a surge in the amount of people going to Barcelona specifically for the cruises. It often isn’t until they arrive when they figure out just how great the city is with all of its history and culture.

cruise barcelonaMany people, once in the city actually look for Barcelona apartments for rent. Weekly rentals in Barcelona right before taking a cruise has now become commonplace. Also renting short term lets Barcelona start to become a city where so many people are coming in and out every day that the local economy is one of the best in Spain.

So, what are you waiting for? Look for some Barcelona apartment rentals, stay for five days or so, have the time of your life in the bar scene and tourist attractions then get on your cruise and relax for the rest of your vacation.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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