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A special tour for vermouth lovers (PART 2)

Written by Adriana

Do you remember our article a few months ago about where to have a good vermouth in Barcelona? Well, we wanted to update this information because we know how much you like to take this appetizer every Sunday and even on weekdays. Places serving this sweet and delicious drink keep coming up like mushrooms on humid forest around the city and fans or professional tasters of it increase every day. If before a vermouth was “something for old people” that they used as an excuse to get together and chat about the stories of their youth, now is an excuse for young hipsters to go for a walk and forget hangover.

To update the information we gave here are some places that are worth to mention and are absolute references if we talk about having a vermouth in Barcelona:

Tarannà Café: this place that defines itself as “a small corner full of personality in the heart of Sant Antoni” is specialized in coffee, but if you visit their Facebook you will notice that it is much more than just coffee. The pies, dishes made with seasonal ingredients, their sweet breakfasts, superb decoration, their events, the selection of wines and, of course, their vermouth, attract everyone who passes by the green window. We love that, beyond business, the owners of bars and restaurants in Barcelona take care of the products, the quality of what they serve, the love they put into everything around their concept of space, etc. Therefore we recommend that if you find yourself wandering around Sant Antoni any day of the week, don’t miss out on to this corner with lots of character.

Bar Calders: all those who know Sant Antoni neighborhood know Calders (at Parlament Street number 25) and even have spent more than a few hours on the terrace sharing a vermouth around a table with some friends. Whether the rest of Spaniards, Catalans we like to spend time with our friends and even better if we do that while having a beer or a vermouth. It is a “ritual” that can be performed on weekdays after working hours or on the weekends during the day. One of the highlights of this place is the large terrace at the entrance of the bar, spacious enough for several tables, unlike many other places that have to install their terraces in the middle of the street. If you want to mingle with the locals of the city Calders Bar is an excellent choice.

Bormuth: To finish this tour we travel to Borne area, near the Sant Antoni neighborhood and within the Ciutat Vella district too. You can get there strolling within this tour if you arrive in La Rambla and cross it. This place’s name is a blend of Born and vermouth, so you can imagine what it’s all about … The Bornmuth has no terrace but its doors are wide open to the street with a few tables so you can enjoy the outdoors on a sunny day. You can eat some delicious Spanish tapas too (potatoes with spicy sauce or eggplant fried with honey, among other delights). Also you will be surprised for the cheap prices of this bar.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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