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Written by Paula

The internet can be used for a variety of activities, a lot of them in the areas of business, social networking and entertainment. Lately, new and powerful crowdfunding platforms have been appearing online, as a way to allow people to contribute to a variety of causes by making a donation. That way, people can choose specific cases they want to give money to, and together people can fulfill a larger number of goals.   

Mi aportacion

donation barcelonaOne of the most interesting projects in donations is the one called, a crowdfunding project that helps people fulfill their most basic needs.  The website presents a series of situations in which people with needs can request help from those who wish to help. There are requests for donation of time, money, services, clothes, and items wheelchairs, medication, blankets and much more.

Each request is verified by to confirm its veracity, before being posted on the website.

Visit to learn how you can help make a difference in someone’s life.

Mi grano de arena

Another interesting solidarity crowdfunding project is Mi grano de arena. At anyone can post a goal that people can contribute to. Small NGOs can also apply for funding online by using Mi grano de arena. By sharing their objectives with the public, people can help with small or large donations.

Some of the projects currently looking for contributions at involve running to help to provide education for children in Senegal,  donations for the treatment of children with cancer, and donations for the creation of an animal shelter.


donation barcelonaMicrodonaciones is an online crowdfunding platform created by Fundación Hazlo Posible, an organization that aims to promote the participation of society in solidarity causes by using new technologies. By creating Microdonaciones, Fundación Hazlo Posible has extended an invitation to all citizens in the world to get involved, actively participating in the betterment of society, influencing individual lives. Microdonaciones is open to anyone who wish to donate to one cause or many, and for those who want to create their own project to support an existing NGO or even to create an NGO of their own.

Users of Hazlo possible have collectively gathered almost 440.000 € through almost 8.000 donations, and accomplished over 200 projects!

If you want to help, browse to discover projects like the funding of a heart operation for a child, building a well in an African town, food for homeless people, the building of a medical center in Burkina Faso, and more.

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.

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