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Fun things to do at the beach

Fun things to do at the beach
Written by Paula

Barcelona is a city with excellent weather and fabulous beaches only a couple of minutes away from the center.

Barcelona’s beaches are bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, a very peaceful sea whose tepid waters invite beachgoers in for a long, enjoyable swim.

If you feel like spending the day at the beach but you are one of those people that don’t like to simply lie on a towel and tan, there are many options to make your day fun and entertaining.

Fly a kite

psIt’s not always windy in Barcelona, but whenever there is wind, kite flying is a really entertaining way to spend the time.


Bring a book or magazine and enjoy a good reading session while you tan.

Play volleyball

Every beach in the center is equipped with the necessary gear for volleyball playing. The only thing you have to bring is your energy and your own ball.

Play soccer

Barcelona’s beaches are great places to play soccer. Some beaches, like the one in Poblenou, even have goal posts. Choose the most spacious beaches for your match, to avoid the ball coming in contact with other beachgoers.

Play frisbee

They are light, they are cheap and a whole lot of fun! Grab a frisbee and play with your friends, trying to master the art of throwing in a straight line. You can find different types of frisbees at Tiger.


Hang high above the sea with an exhilarating parasailing session. You will be attached to a parachute and pulled by a high-speed boat, which will allow you to stay up in the air, enjoying the view.

You can try parasailing with Corsa Nàutica at Ciutadella.


pRent a kayak with a friend and spend 1 to 4 hours enjoying the calm and quiet of the sea. At Get your guide the prices start at 15€ per person for one hour, going up to 60€ per person for 4 hours.

Stand up paddle

Due to its calm nature, the Mediterranean Sea is not the ideal place to surf. A good alternative is to practice stand up paddling or SUP. Try some SUP classes or rent your board and paddle at Molokai.

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