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Tips to overcome the hard January

Written by Adriana

The end of the year is always a tough time for your pocket due to the extra expense that involves gifts, family gatherings, social commitments (if you have to travel to visit them), etc. To this end we offer some tips that will make bearable to recovery of your extra expenses in the month of January. While there are no magic tricks, from ShBarcelona we want to give you some advice in how to increase your saving capacity, there are lots of mechanisms and strategies applicable to your life that can improve the performance of your income when you need it.

Do a spending budget: plan your fixed and variable expenses of the month, assigns each thing a cost and assume what expense can be cut out and what will be irremediable to invest on. You can even calculate a margin of savings in case anything happens, and if nothing happens out of the ordinary, you can save that money.

hucha de cerditoDon’t use the credit card (if you have one): using your credit card makes that you have less control over the expense and you would have to pay interests after. It is better to pay in cash to become aware of what you’re actually spending. Seeing the money physically implies greater control of it.

¡Austerity! Eliminate unnecessary expenses or purchases: don’t spend on things that are unnecessary, especially if you haven’t budgeted it. There have been enough unnecessary purchases during Christmas! This is an advice that you can apply throughout the year if you need to save for holidays, or for any purpose you have in mind.

Use Public transportation: public transport in Barcelona covers all areas of the city, avoid using gasoline on your car or taking a taxi and save a lot.

tupperwaresDon’t go out to eat and prepare tupperwares: it is an excellent opportunity to learn to cook at home and avoid eating outside (which also involves consuming food of higher quality in smaller quantities and less fat). You can cook a little more than what you are going to eat and put it on a tupperware to be your lunch at work.

Buy Seasonal products: seasonal products on markets and supermarkets are always at the best price. Bet on winter products to care for your pocket and look for recipes which may contain them on the internet.

ahorro energeticoTry to reduce your bills: energy saving at home is not only good for the planet, also for your pocket. Try not to turn on the lights and get more sunlight during the day, reduce your time in the shower, don’t turn on the heating so often, involve all your family members in order to reduce the bill this month.

The Entertainment doesn’t involve spending money: hang-out doesn’t have to involve spending money. You can go for a walk, to go by bike, to make a homemade picnic in the park, to visit free exhibitions in museums in Barcelona, to visit your loved ones, invite friends over to avoid spending more money, etc.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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