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Get users for your apps with Tappx

Written by Christine

Do you ever have a cool idea and think “there should be an app for that”? Or even that you should invent an app yourself but aren’t sure how successful it will be? Shake off those doubts and start creating! Lucky for you, there is a company called Tappx that can help you get users for your app and help you start earning some money off of your ideas. Keep reading this article to learn how Tappx can help you turn your idea into reality!

About Tappx

Photo by Tappx

Tappx was founded in Barcelona by two friends who started by creating apps together and realized how hard it is to get off the ground without a little bit of help. From this idea, Tappx was born with the intention to build upon this need: to give app creators a boost when it comes to promoting their app and making it profitable. The founders, Dani and Toni, have had a lot of success in their business. They have over 15,000 clients around the world and there are now headquarters in Barcelona, UK and India. Tappx was named the fastest-growing startup in the EU in April of 2017 due to its massive success.

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What can Tappx do for you?

When you sign up to become a Tappx member, you are signing up your app to get free exposure through advertising on other apps within the Tappx network. You know those ads for apps that pop up when you are playing a game or using an app on your phone? That could be your app if you sign up to become a member of Tappx! Apps within the Tappx community exchange ads within their apps, giving them a wide audience and free marketing. Click here to join the community and create an account.

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Benefits of using Tappx

Photo by Tappx

When you sign up for Tappx, you know that you are becoming part of a digital community in which apps are advertised for free. While this is happening, you will see the number of app users grow quickly. This will give you more time to work on developing and improving your app instead of worrying how to gain followers and make your product more marketable. Tappx has a presence in more than 160 countries, so your app ad could be seen all over the world, giving you the opportunity to substantially increase your revenue and customer base. This is all possible and made as simple as can be for you, the app developer, as Tappx does all the work for you! Sign up to become a member and watch your dreams come to life.

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