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Recruit for your business with Talent Clue

Written by Christine

Starting up your own business is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that presents itself with many ups and downs along the way. One of the many exciting aspects of setting up your business is that you can hand-select all of the details to your liking, from the space itself all the way to the stationery and pens that you will use. This also includes choosing your staff and forming the best team to represent you and your company. Having a great and productive team of workers is one of the best ways to assure your business runs smoothly and effectively, so let Talent Clue help you find the best people to make your business a success.

What is Talent Clue?

Photo via Pixabay

Founded in Barcelona in the year of 2003, Talent Clue specializes in helping business owners find the best staff for their companies. Talent Clue developed its own software with the intention to make it easy for companies and job seekers to connect. Knowing that the traditional methods of finding talent are often expensive and time-consuming, Talent Clue decided that it was time to address the needs of the employers and offer a simpler and more effective solution. Talent Clue‘s technology improves productivity and process control in HR departments, allowing the employers to attract and communicate with potential job candidates themselves, cutting down on selection costs.

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Inbound Recruiting Methodology

The way people look for jobs has completely changed thanks to modern technology and the rise of the internet. It’s very easy for candidates to simply research a company online and apply within minutes, without the need to speak to a recruiter or an HR representative. Talent Clue realized that because of this, companies are missing out on a wide pool of job seekers who might just be the perfect fit for their staff. To combat this, Talent Clue launched the Inbound Recruiting Methodology at the end of 2016 which establishes an action plan for companies and puts the candidate at the center of the plan. This method has four phases: Attracting Converting, Hiring, and Engaging the candidate.

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Recruiting in action

Photo via Pexels

Following Talent Clue‘s method, companies can make improvements to the way that they recruit talent, speeding up the process and making more human connections. In the short time since Talent Clue implemented Inbound Recruitment Methodology for its clients, it has received more than 14,000 hits on Google and has gotten nods from companies like Adecco and Caprabo. Talent Clue offers a free software plan for startups and small business owners, which is a great resource to get started. This service has gained a lot of attention in the Human Resources sector in Barcelona and beyond and shows no signs of slowing down.

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