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SIGNUS: Tires, reborn

Written by Paula

Founded in May of 2006 , SIGNUS Ecovalor is a non-profit company that was created by some of the main tire manufacturers as a way to offer producers and importers to dispose of their tires in an environmentally responsible fashion.

barcelonaBridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear Dunlop Tires, Pirelly Tires, and Continental Tires are the founded partners of SIGNUS, who are open to receive any company who wants to join the non-profit as an affiliated company, as long as they are placing replacement tires on the Spanish market.

Some companies in Barcelona have already taken the step, like Treeleborg Wheel Systems España S.A. and Pirelli Neumáticos S.A.  In fact, SIGNUS Ecovalor has collected tons of used tires from Catalonia these past few years. In 2013 alone, SIGNUS collected 22.395 tons of used tires from this area, which represents around 14% of all the material collected in the whole country.

The numbers may sound a little scary, to think of such a large amount of discarded material.  But the fact is that without companies like SIGNUS, all of that rubber could go to waste. Instead, SIGNUS gives tires a new life, by recycling them and transforming them into material to be used in other sectors. The amount of material collected in Catalonia in 2013, for example, would allow the construction of 3.800km of roads or the equivalent to 280 soccer fields of artificial grass. l

You may be wondering if all the material collected is immediately recycled. The answer is no. From the 22.395 tons collected in Catalonia in 2013, for example, 3.411 tons were reused, instead of recycled, extending each tire’s life.

The bottom line is that SIGNUS is an entity that is changing the way things are done in companies, and helping them to take an active part in transforming their former waste into a material with value.

By joining SIGNUS, companies are taking an important step preventing the end of life tire generation and contributing to sustainability by replacing the use of virgin materials with secondary raw materials, and saving non-renewable energy sources (70% of the composition of tire rubber is petroleum-derived).

barcelonaThe material collected from the companies that have decided to join in until now have been used for various applications in several industries like fashion, furniture, and even for the production of energy and fuel in cement producing ovens.

If you would like to learn more about SIGNUS – Sistema Integrado de Gestión de Neumáticos Usados, make sure to visit SIGNUSofficial website.

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