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How To Find Out The Latest Technological Trends In Barcelona

Written by Allison

Throughout the coming months a series of conferences will be held in Barcelona this year. The aim of these conferences is to help generate more interest in technical, social and business changes that will help to increase economic growth in Barcelona. These conferences will help those who attend to find out the latest technological trends in Barcelona.

Upcoming conferences

The first of the conferences took place in July 2014 and was held at Meliá Barcelona Sky Hotel. Along with the creators of the conference 22@NetworkAssociation and Expansión newspaper also in attend was Telefónica R+D Innovation Manager, María José Tomás.

Maria was asked to open the very first conference and it is then hoped over the next few months that it will attract more influential leaders and representatives from the world of technology in the 22@district to attend. Plus also get them to contribute to these conferences in order to bring out more ideas and help to consolidate this part of Barcelona as being the city’s new central area.

Throughout each conference to be held over the coming months they intend to discuss matters relating to operator topics. They want to look at helping us to find out the latest technological trends in Barcelona relating to mobile video, strategies to gain customers loyalty as well as strategies to help companies retain those customers. Plus they will be aiming to look more closely at the future of voice communication.

Certainly, over the coming months, we are likely to see more of the latest technology becoming more readily available in not just Barcelona but across the rest of Spain. In part, of course, this can be put down to the fact that Apple has chosen to open several stores across the country now. In fact, next month sees the arrival of the iPhone 6 to their stores. But as with any other Apple store you need to get there early if you want to be the first person to be holding one of these in your hand.

New technological trends in Barcelona

Of course, it isn’t only Apple that companies like 22@NetworkAssociation are concerned with when it comes to new technological trends in Barcelona. Since the companies establishment in 2004, it has grown substantially and now is currently made up of 102 companies who want to work together to help District 22 in Barcelona to become the vanguard for technological trends. You’ll find that they are interested in everything so being able to keep abreast with what is happening shouldn’t prove that much of a challenge. In fact, no longer will Apple and other well-known cell phone manufacturers like Samsung be the only ones available, you are likely to see more new technological trends coming from countries like China.

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Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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