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Leisure and Culture

Gyms in Sants-Montjuic

Written by Eric

Are you still putting off that New Year’s Resolution? Was this your year to be the “new you” with that hot sizzling body? Fear not, for there is no better time than now! Depending on what your budget may be, you can find a great gym to fit your needs.

What are you looking for?

Are you looking for a large space that has weights? That is your basic gym.

Are you looking for something that offers classes or a swimming pool? That is a fitness center.

gym barcelonaAre you looking for something that has mood lighting, as well a café and masseuse? That is a health club.

Do your research first. Know what you want to improve on. Going to the gym is just like buying a new car, all the options add up. Perhaps you’re a newbie who wants to build more strength, lose fat and have that wonderful six pack. Unless you’re prepared to do this on your own, gyms offer personalized service to help you with your goals.

Where to exercise in Sants – Montjuïc

CEM La Bordeta (C./Noguera Pallaresa 34-42)
CEM L´Espanya Industrial (Parc de l´Espanya Industrial, s/n)

Both are part of the Atles sports group, which caters to your sports and recreation needs. These comprehensive sports centers cater to a lot of your needs from gym, fitness, swimming, racket and court sports to physiotherapy and health/wellness aesthetics. Monthly memberships as well as single day use passes are available. Visit their web page to see if they offer discounts for membership. Weight training, classes, swimming, sports courts, as well as health/wellness, beauty and a café are parts of their services.

Gonnafit Plaza España

gym barcelonaFor those of you that need the discipline and motivation to you pumped, Gonnafit is for you. It is an innovative way to exercise out in the open air, under a fitness program that is supervised by a specialized trainer. Cardio, strength training combined into one makes this an intensive workout.

The White Wellness

For those of you who don´t wish to exercise with tons of people lurking about, The White Wellness Spa offers a place where you can work off your sweat and after rejuvenate your body with a nice cool swim. It is a Spa that offers massage services for those tired down muscles, as well.

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Eric is an American English teacher with a passion for Barcelona.

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