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Great gifts for frikis

Great gifts for frikis
Written by Paula

Friki is what Spanish people call geeks and nerds. The term appeared in the 2000s, derivating from the English word “freak”, to designate people with extravagant looks or extravagant behaviors. As the years went by, friki started being used to describe people who have a deep appreciation (or in some cases, obsession) for certain themes, becoming experts on it.

gift barcelonaThough there may be some people that will never understand the hype caused by certain fictional creations, the friki phenomenon has become unstoppable, aided in great part by shows like Game Thrones and movies from the Star Wars or Lord of the Rings saga. Today, being friki is actually considered cool, so cool in fact, that there is a national Friki Pride Day in Spain. This annual celebration takes place on the 25th of May, the date in which the first Star Wars movie was released, a date in which many celebrate Towel Day, in honor of author Douglas Adams.

If you have been living in Barcelona for a while, chances are you have a friki in your life. If that is the case, lucky you, because frikis are some of the most fun people to buy presents for! Here are a few suggestions for great gifts for frikis.


From a t-shirt that reads “Bazinga!” to a hoodie with “Winter is coming”, you can find a variety of clothing articles related to your friki’s favorite movie or TV show. Primark has recently released a collection of Star Wars themed t-shirts, having sold Jurassic Park and Space Invaders t-shirts in the past. You can also find a huge array of friki clothing at 1001 Camisetas, featuring characters like Edward Scissorhands, Songoku, Darth Vader, and even Big Foot. Finally, there is Fnac, which sells t-shirts from Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory, Deadpool and more.


Kitchenware by itself may not sound like the most exciting thing to giving someone. But imagine a beer mug with the Stark family crest, a breakfast bowl with Darth Vader staring menacingly at you, or even an apron featuring the merry characters of The Wizard of Oz. This and more you can find at Ryman Ryman, Norma Comics and Fnac.


gift barcelonaIs your girlfriend a friki? She may just fall in love with some of the bling bling that can be found at Norma Comics or Regalador. Imagine her wearing a pendant holding Harry Potter’s Felix Felici’s potion jar, or Arwen’s necklace from Lord of the Rings. If that doesn’t sound like a great enough way to express your love and you feel like you are ready to move to the next level with your better half, you may even consider proposing with The One Ring.

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.

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