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Written by Paula

Barcelona  is a gay-friendly city with a large gay community and a variety of services and activities directed to gay individuals. Here are some of them:


Pride Barcelona 

gay barcelonaPride Barcelona is one of Europe’s main gay pride festivals, attracting more than 150,000 people each year. Despite the people’s growing understanding of the LGTBI community, the collective still feel discrimination, bullying and rejection by a great part of society. For that reason, Pride Barcelona will keep happening, demanding equality and exposing inequality, until the world starts treating the community with respect, dignity and grants them equal rights.

During Pride Barcelona, the LGTBI community gathers to celebrate their true selves,  feeling proud and empowered, thanking all of those who have been fighting for their rights.

Pride Barcelona takes place during the summer, organizing several fun activities like concerts, races and parades.

Circuit Festival

Circuit Festival is an event that was created six years ago to fulfill the needs of an international gay scene looking for alternatives to the leisure activities available for the LGBT public. Today, Circuit Festival is the biggest gay festival in the world. The festival offers a variety of activities such as pool days, parties, club nights, live music concerts and even water park nights.

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Átame is one of the most famous gay clubs in Barcelona, a musical bar that offers live shows and the the most recent musical hits.

Átame is located at Carrer Consell de Cent, 257.


Trash is known for its wild parties and for being the largest gay disco in Barcelona dedicated to cruising.

Trash is located at Carrer Mare de Déu del Remei, 11.


Arena is a company that owns five discos in Barcelona dedicated to the gay crowd.

Gay Day

There are several clubs that have special Gay Days, like Space and La Madame. Check the each club’s official website to learn about the dates.



Nightberry is a famous cruising bar in Barcelona. The bar organizes a series of activities, offering everything you can image.

Nightberry is located at Carrer de Diputació, 161.


This fancy-looking gay bar is decorated with a variety of statues or paintings, and gorgeous wallpaper. It is a great place to stop for a drink before going dancing.


gay barcelonaBeauty and the Beach Gay

This gay-owned B&B is located on the waterfront across from Barcelona’s gay nudist strip.

Beauty and the Beach Gay is located at Passeig Taulat

Hotel Axel

This gay hotel was designed to provide the gay community with an intimate, comfortable space to enjoy their experience in Barcelona.

Hotel Axel is located at Carrer Aribau, 33.

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