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Fun and games at the subway

Fun and games at the subway
Written by Paula

A great number of the people living in Barcelona choose to move around using public transportation, rather than having their own vehicle. The most popular form of public transportation in Barcelona is the subway. With a network of 11 lines connecting more than 130 stops all over the city, the subway is used by millions as a way to get to work, meet friends, go shopping, etc.

Though the average subway travel doesn’t take too much time, it can get boring to travel alone. If you have to take the subway every day and don’t know what to do to make time go by a little bit faster, here are some tips on how to entertain yourself during your trip.

Read a book

metro barcelonaSo many of us love to read but feel like we don’t have enough time to do it. Public transports are excellent places to catch up on your reading. Next time you take the subway, pick up that book that has been waiting for you for so long, sitting patiently on your nightstand, and read a couple of pages while you take your journey. Who knows, maybe you will find the book so interesting you will actually start making time to read during the week.

Exercise your mind

Before the existence of smartphones, people carried around another form of entertainment to help them pass the time: crossword puzzles. Grab a newspaper, go to a store or download and print some puzzles to take with you. Enjoy the feeling of having your mind challenged and the exhilaration of getting the answers right.

If it’s too hard to find crossword puzzles in your language, try Sudoku instead. This seemingly easy game is also an enticing way to get your brain working, as you try to figure the correct sequence of numbers in each nine-number square.

Get creative

metro barcelonaSubway cars are full of potential for storytelling and creativity. You can try to guess people’s nationality before hearing them talk, judge a contest of “best dressed/worst dressed”, play “spot the sleeping passenger” (there is always one) or even choose a specific passenger and make up their story – their name, job, country of origin, their doubts, fears, etc.

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