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Dog Friendly Barcelona

Written by Delphine

Barcelona dog friendly city

Since two or three years ago, Barcelona has become a dog friendly city. It all began with a legal reform that allowed the presence of pets in public transport. Now, owners can go from one place to another using the subway, train, tram and rail with their beloved dogs. It is true that there are some restrictions, such as the requirement of the muzzle in dogs with a certain size and curfew from September 11th to June 24th in the case of the subway, but this change of the rules makes life significantly easier for the owners.


Dog beach in Barcelona


Continuing with the progressive measures and supporting the dog friendly trend, Barcelona’s city council approved the creation of a 1200 m2 space on the Llevant beachthat may be used by dogs throughout the bathing season. Good news for dogs and their owners, who will be able to share fantastic beach days together.



Other measures


As the ordinance remarks, we shouldn’t leave our dogs alone more than 12 hours

The ordinance that includes this innovative measure also gives owners some guidelines about the way dogs should be treated. For example, the new rules indicate that pets should not spend more than two hours a day tied down (one in the case of puppies), that animals mustn’t be left alone at home for more than 12 hours (three days in the case of cats) and that it is mandatory to take your pet to the veterinary for a check up at least once a year. The council, chaired by Ada Colau, also announced that 700 m2 will be created in Barcelona as a leash-free space.  All the districts will have at least one area with shared use slots (with some schedule restrictions) where owners can walk with their dogs without them having to use a leash, except in the case of dogs of dangerous breeds.

Dog beaches in Barcelona’s province

We can proudly say that Catalonia is one of the Spanish regions with the highest number of beaches where dogs can roam free and have some fun. There are five dog friendly beaches in the province of Barcelona. The first one is Vallcarca Creek, located in Garraf, just a 40-minute drive from Barcelona. This small cove is made up of sand and pebbles and is enclosed by a breakwater. Next we have two beaches located in the town of Arenys de Mar, which is located forty minutes away from Barcelona. “Musclera”, a nudist beach,is perfect for those who live according to the naturist philosophy. There is also “Picòrdia” which is located close to the train station, and “Cavaiò” in Canet de Mar. Both these beaches and the ones in Arenys de Mar present some restrictions regarding the presence of dogs.

The most recent beach to be declared dog friendly is Llevant beach, the first-ever dog beach in the city of Barcelona. This is the first beach to allow the dogs access during the summer season. Now, pet owners can enjoy a good bathing season in great company. If you are interested learning which are the best beaches in Barcelona, take a look at this article.


This is Musclera’s beach, one of the three beaches in Arenys de Mar that allows dogs.

About the author


Delphine loves to travel and discover cities all over the world, but her favorite city is, without a doubt, Barcelona.

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  • I read that a lot of trains in Spain don’t allow dogs without a carrier. I live in Milan with my 12.6 kg Pug Mix dog and I wanted to take a train from Milan to Barcelona WITHOUT a carrier. Do you know if this is possible and if so what train companies allow dogs on trains without a carrier? Also I read dogs can’t ride buses in Barcelona. I am interested specifically in information for a large small dog.

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