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Best places to go drawing in Barcelona

Best places to go drawing in Barcelona
Written by Paula

Barcelona is a city that has inspired an endless number of artists to create wonderful and inventive works. From beautiful landscapes to massive monuments, here are some of the best places to go drawing in Barcelona.

Mercado de La Boqueria

drawing barcelonaIt may be difficult to find a place to sit so you can draw in La Boqueria, but the visit is definitely worth it. La Boqueria  is a world of colors where you will find interesting characters taking part in the daily negotiations of one of the busiest and most famous markets in Barcelona. Ask the vendors which time of the day is the least busy one, or take a digital camera with you and photograph the perfect moment to draw later.

Zoo de Barcelona

Want to do some live drawing? At the Zoo de Barcelona you will find dozens of live models to draw. Lions, zebras, warthogs, kangaroos. Bring yourself a folding stool or find one of the sitting areas in the Zoo that are located near an animal enclosure and get drawing.

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La Sagrada Famìlia

If you feel like drawing something intricate and impressive, La Sagrada Famìlia is the place to go. Antoni Gaudí’s monumental work is full of original details that should be observed and studied with care in order to get them just right.


What could be more inspiring than the work of world-famous artists? Go for a visit, pick your favorite piece. If there is a space where you can sit and draw it, perfect. If not, take a picture and find the nearest seating area so you can start working on it. Here are some suggestions: Museu de Cultures del Món, Museu de Disseny, and MACBA.

MNAC, from the outside

One of the museums with the most beautiful buildings in Barcelona, MNAC occupies Palau Nacional, an enormous Italian-Style building from 1929 designed by Eugenio Cendoya and EnRic Catà under the supervision of Pere Domènech I Roura. In front of the museum you will find a waterfall, gorgeous stairways, a fountain and lush vegetation that compose a striking image to be drawn from afar.

drawing barcelonaPark Güell

This stunning park by Antoni Gaudí is full of interesting shapes created using intricate techniques. Take a seat at the main plateau and draw the trencadís mosaics, the gingerbread house-looking buildings on the ground floor or even the stone tunnels that mimic a wave.

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