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Introduction to Catalan


Algunes paraules i expressions en català col·loquial
Some colloquial Catalan words and expressions

Bon dia
Good morning

Bona tardal
Good evening

Bona nit
Good night



Fins després, A reveure
See you later

Com anem?
How are you?

Molt bé, gràcies. I vostè?
Fine thanks, and you?

Si us plau

Gràcies / mercès
Thank you

Moltes gràcies
Thank you very much

Em dic…l
My name is…

Molt de gust
Pleased to meet you

Voldriem una taula per quatre persones
We would like a table for four

Posi’m un d’aquests, si us plau
I’ll have one of those, please

Aigua amb gas, aigua sense gas, vi blanc, vi negre, cervesa
Sparkling water, still water, white wine, red wine, beer

Freda / fred
Cold (feminine/masculine object)

Got, ampolla, gerra, plat, tassa
Glass, bottle, jug, plate, cup

Carn, pollastre, peix, marisc, arròs, verdures, llegum, fruita, dolços, pastissos, galetes
Meat, chicken, fish, shellfish, rice, vegetables, pulse vegetables, fruit, sweet food, cakes, biscuits

Bullit, a la planxa, fregit, al vapor, al forn
Boiled, grilled, fried, steamed, roast

Bon profi t!
Enjoy your meal!

Un tallat, si us plau
An espresso with milk, please

Un cafè amb llet
A white coffee

Una miqueta
A bit

És massa
That’s too much

Què maco!
How nice!

Soc aquí de vacances / per feina
I'm here for holidays /a job

Ho sento, no l’entenc. Parla vostè… anglès, francès, italià?
I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Do you speak English/French/Italian?



Al matí, al migdia, a la tarda, al vespre, a la nit
In the morning, at midday, in the afternoon, in the evening, at night

Una mica més tard
A bit later

L’any que ve
Next year

Em pot donar una informació, si us plau?
Could you give me some information, please?

Em pot dir com arribar a la Sagrada Família?
Could you tell me how to get to the Sagrada Família?

Tinc una mica de pressa
I’m in a bit of a hurry

Millor, pitjor
Better, worse

El compte, si us plau
The bill, please

On puc trobar… un taxi, la parada de metro més propera, una farmàcia?
Where can I find … a taxi, an underground station, a chemist’?

¿Poden netejar l’apartament, si us plau?
Could I have my apartment cleaned, please?

Dormitori, saló, menjador, lavabo, cuina
Bedroom, living room, dining room, toilet, kitchen

Metro, taxi, autobus, bicicleta, moto
Metro, taxi, bus, bicycle, motorbike

Un, dos, tres, quatre, cinc, sis, set, vuit, nou i deu
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten

Dilluns, dimarts, dimecres, dijous, divendres, dissabte i diumenge
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday