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Xavi Forné’s amazing Errors

Xavi Forné’s amazing Errors
Written by Paula

Recently opened, on September 24th, The Gallery is a new space created by Error! Design, where visitors can come for monthly exhibits and to discover some of the company’s products.

The Gallery was created by Xavi Forné, a graphic designer and musician, the man behind Error! Design.

But before creating The Gallery, Xavi founded his own independent Hardcore/Punk music label which he called Error! Records, and later, another label by the name of Error! Lo-Fi Recordings, this one focusing on experimental and folk music.

gallery barcelonaXavi created his first music-related design in 1999, to meet a friend’s request for a poster for a concert he was organizing. But it was only in 2006 that Xavi really started dedicating himself to this form of graphic design when he started working on creating flyers, posters, album covers and even MySpace layouts for bands.

Throughout the years, Xavi has worked with some amazing clients, having created designs for bands such as The Black Keys, Red Fang, La Maravillosa Orquestra del Alcohol, Life is Noise, and even Soundgarden.

Xavi doesn’t show signs of wanting to stop: in the 2000s he worked for several agencies and studios as a graphic designer, in 2008 he created his own studio, along with a colleague, called Don Graphics. In the end of 2010, he started the very first collective about gig posters in Spain, which he named The Poster Collective.  In 2013 he left all his other jobs (except his collaboration with Bcore Disc record label) to work solely at Error! Design, and on February of the same year, Xavi started Art Books For Less, an online outlet bookstore, with fellows Ramon Aused and José Maria Carrasco.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Xavi still managed, during this whole time, to find time to play in bands like Carontte, Syberia, Ulmus, Frägil, Lágrima, EdGein54 and Amunike Lehendakari.

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Xavi’s latest endeavor is The Gallery, which opened its doors in September 24th of 2015. The Gallery is Error! Design’s base of operations in Barcelona, a small showroom and a gallery that showcases work by several artists with monthly exhibitions.

carrer torrent de les florsIf you are interested in discovering some of Error! Design’s amazing work,  pay a visit to the studio’s official website, or visit The Gallery.

The Gallery is located at Carrer Torrent de les Flors, 115 and is open only on Fridays and Saturdays between 10:30 am and 8 pm.

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