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Today World Press Photo 2012 opening at CCCB

Written by Adriana

For the eighth consecutive year, the Photographic Social Vision Foundation organizes the most important photojournalism exhibition worldwide, World Press Photo. The 156 winning pictures in one of the categories in this prestigious international contest will be exhibited at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) from today (November the 28th) and until January the 6th. This year the Catalan photographer Samuel Aranda has won the first prize for the best picture of the year with a moving image taken during Yemen riot of a mother cuddling her son that have been sprayed with tear gas. The set of images that make up the exhibition aims to offer a witness of events that shake the world, beyond informing, stir consciences and transmit sensations.

Adam Pretty picture

The World Press Photo 2012 has involved the participation of 5.247 photographers in one of its ten categories: portraits, present-day characters, current affairs, news, contemporary issues, daily life, nature, art and entertainment, and sports. The selected photographic work aims, not only to reflect on the content itself that they show, but also ask what is the photography current state as a documentary method. The hypothesis which glides like a vulture over the exhibition is: Is there any chance of transmitting a objetive and manipulation-free message through a photograph? Although each case is open to various considerations, I would say no, it isn’t. Each camera shot, every expression of a fact, an event, a conflict or a topic of any kind in a blank “photo paper” involves a subjective point of view, means being on one side or another. Although it would be the “side that documents but doesn’t participate in the action.”

In short, all those who come to visit the World Press Photo at the CCCB, will be invited to actively reflect (provided they can overcome, of course, the difficulty of “thinking” in front of an image that is observed, at the same time for 4 or 5 people in the busy days). Don’t postpone your date to the last minute and go to the exhibition with an open mind

And here you have some more pictures of the World Press Photo to whet your appetite …

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