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We will be talking about “Her Little Donkey’s” music

In Barcelona there are, undoubtedly, plenty of art, architecture and good music. Every day there are exhibitions, events, concerts or festivals willing to surprise you and put the boredom away from you. And this new music band makes this clear. They are Her Little Donkey, a group of four members from different parts of Spain but originated in Barcelona, that is difficult to label, if necessary. Maybe they are still looking for their “place in the world” or, just they don’t want to find that place. Anyway, we invite you to listen to their new EP “Chromatic Landscapes” and see the brand new video clip “Epidemic” directed by Jorge Vañó. Let’s see what they have to tell about all this here in the ShBarcelona‘s blog… (cover photo: Pablo Maestres)

her little donkeyFirst of all, presentations… Who are Her Little Donkey? And why did you choose that name?

We are two Carlos, one from Jerez and other from Badalona, Ana is from Valencia and the latest addition is Michel, who is from Barcelona. The band name is owed to a singer who we had the pleasure of listening to in our first concert. It was a revelation.

How did all of you reunited and what is your individual musical career?

Carlos and Ana met each other studying sound production and we have known Michel just recently through a mutual friend. The four have played before in different bands of different styles.

Speaking of music, tell us a little about your EP, Chromatic Landscapes…

There are three tracks that have a more electronic sound, less melancholic and more dense than the previous tracks. We have tried replacing the folk side of the first EP, for more energy and joyful sounds. It is true that “Chromatic Landscapes” have strengthened our sound enough, but we are still investigating and trying new things, so we don’t know that if the next thing we release will sound totally different. Regarding our first EP “Probation”, we have grown musically and we also wanted to be more direct and concise when composing.

What musical influences can be found in your music?

We find it difficult to agree on this, as each of us has their musical tastes. For now, is hard to find two people who think we are similar to one specific group. That’s a good sign, we don’t like to label ourselves nor want to. It is true that listening to our songs can give some signs of what we are, but if you analyze our songs one by one, you realize that every song is different from the other. The truth is that we really like that.

When will you release a LP?

Right now, we prefer to condense our ideas in packs of 3-5 songs. Maybe that way we can be more specific in showing what current moment is the band. The LP will come out in a natural way when the time is right.

Can you tell us something about Her Little Donkey’s future?

her-little-donkey-300x225In May we will do our first gig in Andalusia (Jerez de la Frontera). We also have some more dates, both in Barcelona and outside Barcelona, but we can’t yet announce them. We will tell your more about it through our social networks.

And finally, a bit of politics… what do you think of the current situation of the music industry in Barcelona and, in general, in Spain?

In Barcelona there are many good bands, we would say that even too many, which is not that good for us because competition is huge 🙂

The music scene in Barcelona seems to be experiencing a peak, there are many concerts, festivals and many other events with live music. This is fine, but also feel that it is increasingly difficult for groups to organize things on their own. Concert halls often become inaccessible if you don’t have a promoter that can take a risk, and because of the situation, the promoters don’t want to do that. Is a fairly closed circle in which it is very difficult to get. Just look at the last year festival’s line ups and try to find the “differences”…

In Spain we think that the situation is similar, although occasionally you find smaller cities offering smaller festivals, despite of having a much smaller audience.

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