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Visit Barcelona and get in shape at 360 Running Tours

Written by Adriana

If you like sports and want to visit Barcelona in an unusual way, while you get in shape, you’ve found the perfect proposal for you! Jaime Pedregosa and Joan Brull are the creators of the 360º Running Tours, some organized tours that allow you to visit the main tourist attractions of Barcelona while running with other runners and enjoy the landscapes, near the sea or the mountain. From ShBarcelona’s website we encourage you to know them through this interview:

What is 360º Running Barcelona, how the idea of creating this business came up and who is behind it?

Actually, 360º Barcelona Tours is not a business. We rather call it an initiative to publicize Barcelona among people who wants to share share their favorite sport: running. The project came up from the united effort of Joan Brull and I and we were lucky that several collaborators have joined our initiative.

What professional career do you both have?

Our history is, at first, a bit away from the running or sports because we are dedicated to audiovisual heritage management. We have been running at popular races and at almost all the marathones in the city for years.

Tell us about the routes you run across in the 360 º Running Tours, where do you run?

Basically we run all over Barcelona. Currently we have five routes that are commonly frequented by runners such as la carretera de les Aigües, several beaches and Montjuïc mountain. Also in the Tres Turons at Park Güell and Turo de la Rovira with excellent views over the city. The last route we have added is a trail in the mountains of Collserola, a natural jewel 15 minutes from downtown. We are currently working on two interesting routes in Poble Nou and the Gothic Quarter.

Do you think Barcelona is a city prepared to practice this sport?

Absolutely. It has what you could ask for as a runner: running at sea level, slopes, mountain, urban parks… And now is a great environment for runners as a lot of people is running and the number of races is increasing.

Are there any physical requirements that you have to meet to participate in these tours?

The only the minimum requirement is to run regularly even short distances. We always adapt to the rhythm of the runners. We hardly ever run over the same place, we do constant variations on our route to be fully adapt to our runners.

What kind of “tourists” or users run at the 360º Running Tours?

Every kind. From tourists or people who come to the city to work, to real athletes who are temporarily in Barcelona and want to keeo training.

Was it difficult to start a project of this kind in Barcelona? How did you experienced the process?

We have experienced the process with great intensity because there are many things to bear in mind. But it is extremely satisfying to do something that we like and have the opportunity to meet people from around the Globe.

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