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Van Van Market: Street Food done Right

Van Van Market: Street Food done Right
Written by Olivia

The ever-increasing need for instant gratification has become a part of this generation’s culture, whether it’s an instant response, an instant photo upload, or even food. When something is created with the goal of instant completion and not quality in mind, there is always a question of whether or not this response, photo, or food will be of adequate quality. Although at Van Van Market there are many hungry costumers, and rapid aVan Van Marketssembly is obviously beneficial, the quality of the food never seems to be an issue. The vendors at this street food fest have mastered the art of mass production without losing quality and incredible flavor. They promote the title of Slow Street Food, however it is in reference to the method of consumption, not production of food.  Needless to say, the participating vendors at Van Van Market know how street food is done right.

What Van Van has to offer: 

If you are in the mood for trying different types of foods and expanding your palatial horizons then this food market was created for you.  The portions are just right, and the timetable gives you an option to pick at food for hours. The food vendors offer quite an expansive cuisine, from sushi, thai, mediterranean, barbecue, chinese, peruvian and some of the BEST arepas I have ever had, from the Taguara food stand. One of my favorite parts of this exposition is the set up.  Each restaurant that is there has their own antique style food truckVanVan Market, all lined up next to each other to give the costumers a fair chance to take it all in. I recommend taking multiple turnabouts to make sure you don’t miss anything, however, from what I have noted, each vendor is equal in superior food quality. There are beer stands that serve Estrella and Moritz, benches where you can sit and people watch for hours, and usually old-time music to enhance the vintage feel at this food fest.

When and where: 

There have already been a handful of markets, dating back to September of last year at Ciutadella, to Mercantic, Encantantes, Montjuic Castle, Sabadell, and my personal favorite, La Monumental bullring which was in June. The next edition will take place on Friday and Saturday (24-25 of July) at Aeroclub Empordà

Photo from recent wedding event at Aeroclub Emporda

Photo from recent wedding event at Aeroclub Emporda

 starting at 7pm and ending at 2am. Although this particular edition is outside of Barcelona in the Costa Brava, this site looks absolutely ideal for an outdoor food festival.  It is located in a small flight school airport and simultaneous bar, with open fields, strings of hanging lights, and space for the children to run around, a few things that often are difficult to find in the city. This is a wonderful timeframe because families can enjoy the incredible atmosphere earlier in the evening without having to worry about the young ones staying out too late. The crowd is never rowdy, though, because along with the promotion of “Slow Food” and an amazing, tranquil ambiance is always in accompaniment. Part of the magic of this food festival is the fact that there is never a set lineup of dates, and the anticipation and excitement increase because of the mystery.  Usually they announce the next edition about a week or so before it happens, so you either catch the fest because you’re lucky or because you are a dedicated fan who checks in regularly.

About the author


Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.

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