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Travel 3.0 – the future of travel

Barcelona Travel 3.0
Written by Michael

Do you ever dread the stresses of making travel arrangements? The overwhelming options, the flight times, the never-quite-enough budget, the thought of missed flights, mislaid children, broken limbs and lost passports?

Sharing experiences online

Travel has evolved so much that it is almost unrecognisable compared to those antiquated and dusty old pre-Internet days that involved a travel agent and a telephone.

With technology, travel itineraries have become a whole lot easier to plan, but Travel 3.0, as it is being called, refers to the sharing of experiences online (such as trip advisor) and will allow people to manage their travel experiences completely online using special apps and online technologies without having to touch a travel agent.

Travel is being redefined. With digital photography, online reviews and social media, our travel plans are being constantly influenced by regular people, just like us – not by unrealistic brochure descriptions and ‘opinions’ from people who get thanked for their kind words with commission. More and more people are referring to online reviews prior to booking accommodation; price comparison sites allow us to find the cheapest possible flight and accommodation and currency conversions without getting stung by high-street prices from big names with massive overheads to consider.

Thomas Cook Travel Agency

Thomas Cook Travel Agency

Real-time information

Mobile access via our Smartphones means that travel arrangements and accommodation can all be booked and changed at the very last minute

Real-time information can be found on the internet, rather than in guidebooks whose information may have become out-dated since publication.

People are turning to blog posts, twitter, Facebook and Instagram for shared travel experiences and inspiration, instead of to travel agents and glossy brochures.

More than ever before we are making our own travels arrangements from start to finish, be that flights, car hire, accommodation, trips, or currency, whereas previously agents would have done this for us, for a cut, prior to technology bringing the tools to our fingertips.

Thanks to technology, wherever you are thinking of going, it’s fairly likely that there is always someone that has been there before you and is happy to share their experience with you. Who are you going to believe overpaid marketers or unbiased customers?

Technology is changing all the time, and new innovations will make it easier than ever for us to book the travel arrangements we want, at times to suit us and to find unbiased realistic and up-to-date reviews of places we may be thinking of visiting.

Companies like Uber (the taxi service) and Air B&B are two examples of new business models that are changing the way we look at travel. The whole travel horizon is changing. The future is travel 3.0.

About the author


Michael is a vegetarian, dog-loving, kindle-clutching, sunshine-seeking, adventure-obsessed, responsibility-dodging gypsy who has spent much of the last five years exploring Spain and parts of Europe.

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