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House swap with Trampolinn

Written by Vicky York

Home swapping is becoming more and more popular as people search for a more authentic and cheaper way to travel. Trampolinn is one company with the aim of enabling its members to travel across the world, not only for less but also in a unique way where you can discover local secrets from your host.

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Photo via Unsplash

Traditionally, home swapping consists of you finding someone who is interested in staying your home in exchange for you staying in theirs. This can be incredibly time consuming and not very flexible as you have to find someone who is in a location you want to visit, as well as willing to swap with your home and at the same time. This is why the points system was created, to help home swapping become a lot easier and more flexible. The points work a bit like virtual money where you earn points for hosting travellers in your home and in exchange you can travel with these points to any of the thousands of properties currently available on the site. This means that the exchange does not have to be reciprocal and can decrease the time spent looking for a reciprocal home swap! Which means you can spend more time planning what you’re going to see and do rather than worrying about where you will stay.

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Why home swap with points?

Photo via Unsplash

So, now that you know how it works. What are the benefits of Trampolinn? Well, the main obvious advantage has to be a cheap vacation. When travelling, accommodation costs are often one of, if not the biggest cost which can impact on your budget and how much spending money you have to enjoy the place you’re travelling to. With home swapping you no longer have to spend a huge amount on accommodation! As well as the benefit of being able to save money and potentially increase your spending money, you also have a great host who can offer you plenty of information and insider tips on where you’re staying. This will give you an authentic local experience that not many tourists get to experience. This way, you have a truly unique way of travelling.

Are you interested in home swapping in order to discover new places? Have you ever swapped your home before? Let us know your questions and experiences by commenting below. We’d love to hear them!

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Vicky York

Vicky is a UK copywriter and translator based in Barcelona. An avid traveller, festival follower and music lover.

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