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Don’t Miss Tissue World Barcelona 2015

Written by Allison

Don't Miss Tissue World Barcelona 2015The first ever Tissue World conference revolving around the tissue industry was held in Nice in 1993. However since 2013 tissue companies from around the world have been meeting in Barcelona. This Barcelona global event allows professionals from around the world to meet up and discuss the industry needs.

Along with learning about the latest technological development during this particular trade show the industry members are able to focus on product innovation and the products sustainability. Plus those who attend this Barcelona event have access to content that can prove valuable to ensure that their business continues to flourish.

Throughout the time the event is taking place key professionals from tissue manufacturing to tissue converting have the opportunity to meet, network, learn and of course exchange ideas. For those who attend this event which is held in the Gran Via venue owned by FIRA the following benefits are offered to them.

Benefit 1

It enables them to identify the latest product or technology so ensuring that they see the best return on any investment they make.

Benefit 2

Through attending what is considered to be a Barcelona top event it allows them to get an insight into the latest developments in the industry that may help to shape their business in the future. So they in turn can make more informed decisions as to which direction their business will be going.

Benefit 3

Through out the conference they will learn more about the region continues to improve in relation to sustainability and profitability.

Benefit 4

Finally of course it offers them the opportunity to network, which in turn will help to generate more business for them as they make contact with some of the tissue industry top manufacturers and suppliers.

Throughout the time that this Barcelona trade show is on a number of key players will be speaking and helping to discuss not only Barcelona market needs but the rest of the worlds. Some of the key speakers appearing this year are Andrea Boltho from the UK, Bengt Brunberg from Sweden, Bjorn Magnus from Finland, Dr Elmar Wind from Austria and Scot C Johnson from USA.

Don't Miss Tissue World Barcelona 2015 2As already mentioned the event itself is being held at Gran Via a building that is home to FIRA who play a strategic role in both Catalan and Spain’s economy. Gran Via is one of the largest exhibition centres of all of Europe and is made up of two distinct areas. Montjuïc which measures a total of 165,000 square metres of which 50,000 square metres is outdoors and Gran Via which measures a total of 240,000 square metres. This is divided up in to 8 pavilions so providing plenty of space to allow those who are exhibiting at Tissue World what they have to offer fully.

Certainly for anyone who is heavily involved in the tissue industry then taking the time out to attend this event each year is crucial. Luckily for them there are plenty of amazing places to stay and of course plenty of amazing things to do.

About the author


Allison is a writer who has spent a number of years traveling around Europe before deciding to make Spain her home. Since then, she has spent a lot of time enjoying all that the city of Barcelona has to offer.

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