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The Party Is Poppin Off

Written by Enrique

Now that summer season is back in Barcelona, new spectacles can be expected to blow your mind. Barcelona truly changes during summer time because it presents some of the best weather possible out there. Without a doubt this summer the parties in Barcelona are going to break through the roof. More and more artists are making their way through some of the best venues and clubs in Barcelona. New waves of music and sounds are breaking through and presenting themselves in very elegant manners. With no prior commitment it is guaranteed that you will bring positive vibes and truly have a blast.


samThe best part about these shows is that you will get to experience artist first hand. Before upcoming artists reach their inevitable glory you will be able to peek into their promising mixes. This next Friday April 24th, Razzmatazz will host a truly awesome event. Three awesome mash up DJs will spin the night away with incredible mixes that have never been heard before. This Friday you can expect one of the most nonchalant atmospheres will be setting the scene at this club. Not only that but these artists are notorious for providing everyone with the time of their life.

Let’s Party

The first DJ on the scene is OPTMST. This up and coming DJ has a really groovy style with a really interesting and unique music selection. Without any strings to hold him he presents itself with a unique sense of style that make him stand out without a doubt. He bases his style on the need for optimism. He asks the crowd to move around and let the energy flow. OPTMST will definitely be a great way to begin the night.

Thomas JackFollowing is the king of mash ups. Sam Feldt truly knows how to rally up the crowds. His unique style brings mixes that will truly leave you flabbergasted. With so much energy and sounds from all kinds of eras will make you shake that rump. Mr. Feldt does not rest and will keep on keeping on until everyone on the dance floor has the time of their life. This DJ will open up for some more true young talent.

Last but definitely not least is the great Thomas Jack. At 20 years of age this Australian youngling is creating a name for himself. Spinning some of the gangliest sounding mixes this super talented DJ will make the hair on your skin dance as well. This night will be a night to remember with artists you will never forget. Tickets are selling out, see you there!

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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