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The more original night shows in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

Going out to dinner or dancing in Barcelona is a good plan either during your holiday or your long term stay in Barcelona, but if you want an unforgettable experience you should opt for some of the places that we suggest today. They are all different and original options to your usual dinner or your most common party nights. Enjoy the show and Barcelona nights while staying in one of the rental apartments in ShBarcelona, ready to move into and fully equipped. These proposals give you the opportunity to enjoy a unique terror, mystery or music show while enjoying a dinner or an evening with friends.

La Posada Maldita: at this restaurant located in a town near Barcelona called Cerdanyola del Vallès, you live in an eternal Halloween 365 days a year. The terrifying atmosphere will keep you awake throughout the meal, during which you will receive visitors in the form of the most terrifying monsters from the most iconic horror films (the bloody chef, the beast, the haunted girl, etc.). A perfect place for group dinners, bachelor parties, birthdays, business dinners, etc. If you want to scream your lungs out and scare you while you laugh and do some jokes with friends, this is the place. The menu price is 38 € (43 € on the 31st of October) and includes a starter, a main dish, dessert, and drinks.

Enigmatium: This restaurant has a venue in Barcelona, in Madrid and in Valencia, and claims to be a proposal for a unique spectacle surrounded by enigmas and mysteries. One of the first things you have to guess is the location of the restaurant with the tracks you get when you call to book. Since you start having dinner there are some mysteries that need to be solved, with a surprising ending. The show also includes magic show and requires continued participation by the attendees. You will spend here a very original night. The full menu price is 45 € .

Una Cena de Muerte: Here you will have dinner while someone is killed and you must find out who is guilty practicing your detective skills. This is an interactive theatrical show with lots of comedy as well requiring your participation to find out who has “killed” the character who has suddenly disappeared from the scene. You will have to interrogate those involved and decide which tracks follow to accuse any of the characters. While doing that you can sing and dance with them, a cast of actors who will make you spend a night of fun and mystery.

Disco Q Pedralbes: Here you will have a Mediterranean dinner while enjoying a stand-up comedy show and dance from the 11.30pm. In short, everything to make your night complete. The upper area of the city is within your reach and at your full disposal if you want to have fun and some laughs with classic comedians or stand up comedians. With a little luck, you’ll meet there some television celebrities and you could take a picture with them to share it with your friends.

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