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The Mercè 2014 musical programming

Written by Adriana

If you are from Barcelona you’d be already looking forward to your city festivity that takes place this year from the 19th to the 24th of September, and that fill the city of music, shows and events, symbolizing for many the end of summer. If you’re not from Barcelona but you’re spending some time in here to study, work or while on vacation, you should know that in a few weeks will take place the Barcelona main festivity in honor of the patron saint of this city, La Mercè. Among CartellMercè2014all that happens in Barcelona during those days, music concerts is what concentrates more people’s attention, and a few days ago the City Council revealed artists that will be performing, where and when. From ShBarcelona we suggest you to write down all this information because you will be interested in many of the musical events that take place those days and you will be on the streets all day.

The spaces or venues that host concerts are, as usual, the Plaza Sant Jaume, the Avenida de la Catedral, Plaza Catalunya, Plaza de los Angeles, Plaza Joan Corominas, el Moll de la Fusta, and the Antigua Fábrica Damm. Whenever you go through any of these places in the days the Mercè is taking place you will find good music, but if you want to see specific artists or groups in different locations we recommend that you organize yourself in advance.

Mishima-ha-tocado-dos-cancione_54263238805_53389389549_600_396Huge artists and bands this year as far as regards the music will perform at the Forum stages, such as Fuel Fandango, La Pegatina, la Fundación Tony Manero, or Delafé y las flores azules.. To celebrate the musical exchange with Stockholm, invited country during la Mercè 2014, will perform in Barcelona Mariam The Beliver, the trio Postiljon, Senaibo Sey, Frida Sundemo and the electropop trio or NONONO. Coming from the United States of America will also perform Sonny Knight & The Lakers, a Lisa & The Lips, a Protomartyr or Blouse. Coming from Chile we will see Javiera Mena and from Mexico the Frikstailers. Coming from UK we’ll see Basement or Lanterns on the Lake. Within the international proposals there are several High Tone, Tristesse Contemporaine, Moodoïd’s psychedelic pop or Milangeles. From the local scene we can see the Flamingo Tours, Aliment, Desert, Filastine, Seward, El Último Vecino, or Extraperlo, among others.

In the Damm Factory (Fábrica Damm) stage Klaxons will perform their latest album “Love Frequency” for the first time, along with Mishima and Coriolà. At Plaza Cataluña Alma Agrobeat Ensemble will perform, as well as the Belgian-Congolese Baloji, the Colombian group “La 33” and their salsa will perform at Plaza Cataluña, and also the  local band Hotel Cochambre, or Ol’Green vocal group. At the Sant Jaume square will be performing Hernani Black, Pep Gimeno, Isaac Ulam from Girona, and José Domingo. In the Avenida de la Catedral you should not miss the percussionist Mayukh Bhaumik Black Coffee, or Flamenco Reunión and Salao Eléctrico (flamenco music), and Carles Benavent’s jazz, Roger Mas and Roger Blàvia. On the night of September the 23rd there will be some performances at the Bogatell beach such as Manel, Txarango and la Troba Kung-Fu.

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