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The “Catlovers”, a new trend

Written by Adriana

It is no secret that in recent years cats have taken great importance in viral Internet videos, images, and gifs that make their “cat things” in front of a camera lens for the delight of their owners (and many other viewers or Internet addicts). We use to say that “Internet is Cats” due to the large amount of online resources dedicated to these animals, there is even a film festival in which there’re only kittens doing their things screenings! This community produces, shares and consumes content on the Internet about cats or has a cat at home that they dress up and take pictures to upload on the social media; they are called “cat lovers“. And as a cat lover here speaking in the first person and from ShBarcelona, we invite you to know this world full of paws, mysterious looks, whiskers, strange postures and ultimately, catlike love.

Although this blog is dedicated to Barcelona, as the cat-loving trend has no boundaries, we can’t miss out on mentioning La Gatoteca in Madrid. This place located at number 28 at Argumosa Street (in the city center) is the physical headquarters of the NGO ABRIGA (in Spanish Asocaición Benéfica por el Rescate e Inserción de los Gatos en Adopción), and there you will find rescued cats from the streets and ready to be adopted. Until that happy time of adoption comes the cats are in the room for those who want to go pet them and enjoy their presence while they take a coffee, work on their laptops or read a book. An ideal place for true cat lovers!

There are also several interesting initiatives related to cats as charitable market “We All Love Cats“. This trade market has a single edition that took place in Barcelona last year, but many more are expected. The money raised in sales went to Jardinet dels Gats Association, committed to the rehabilitation of street cats.

We encourage you to learn more about cat related initiative of this kind and enjoy these special animals, which, far from being dependent on humans, make them company and give them affection, while they receive a dose of food and water, of course. If there were no “cat lovers” we wouldn’t have known as famous as lovely cats of social networks and the Internet as Maru, Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub or the thousands and thousands of videos of cats doing incredible things like this:

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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