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The Art of Brick

Written by Matthew

An exhibition like none you’ve ever seen before is on its way to Barcelona. From March 17th until June 12th 2016, Cúpula Events CC Arenas (formerly a bullring until bullfighting was outlawed in Catalonia in 2011) will play host to ‘The Art of the Brick’ an exhibit of sculptures composed of 1 million pieces of the child’s toy miniature building bricks, LEGO®.

There are over 100 pieces on display, including a 5-meter long T-Rex skeleton and other incredibly elaborate sculptures that we only dreamed of accomplishing as kids.

AoB Yellow copyOne of the star attractions in the collection is entitled Yellow, and takes the form of a life-sized human figure ripping its own chest open, with more LEGO® cascading from inside it – made entirely of yellow bricks, of course.

The man behind this groundbreaking collection is Nicholas Sawaya, and he made a childhood dream a reality when he left his life as a lawyer behind and turned to professional LEGO® building.

Originally from Colville, Washington, 42-year old Sawaya has landed what many would consider the dream job; as the artist says himself:

“It engages the child in all of us while simultaneously illuminating sophisticated and complex concepts.”

AoB - scream copyCNN has dubbed ‘The Art of the Brick’ as one of the “world’s must-see events” and this is no surprise. The sheer effort of each piece is overwhelming when thinking about the time it must have taken to produce, but also, what is really striking is the intricacy of the artwork. Sawaya produces reproductions of famous paintings such as Edvard Munch’s The Scream. On a screen, these small coloured bricks give the impression of being pixels in an extremely distorted photo but in the flesh (or plastic) the detail is breathtaking.

The Art of the Brick will be open every day of the week from 10am until 9pm. So go and immerse yourself in over 1900m2 of LEGO® in various and impressive different forms. Here is your chance to revisit your childhood dream in spectacular intricacy. Why not make a weekend of it and see some of the other things Barcelona has to offer?

It is the perfect family day out, kids are unlikely to turn down such a tantalising idea and family deals are available. Otherwise, an adult ticket is 14.50€, which may seem a little steep but discounts are available for students, children and large groups.

About the author


Matthew is an aspiring journalist from the North West of England. He has been living in Barcelona for two years, the city that he is now proud to call home.

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