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The Age of the Digital World: From sundown to sunrise

The Age of the Digital World From sundown to sunrise
Written by Enrique

There is nOpiumo better way to unwind then having a great time with people you love. A past time that has retained popularity and value from generation to generation is music. Music has had the power to unite people, cause havoc in absolute harmony. Today’s music mainly revolves around electronic influence. However, this does not make this upcoming transition a complete failure to originality. Disk Jockeys all around the world are stepping up to the call and delivering some of the funkiest most delicious sounds in the world of electronic music.

Making an Apperance

If you don’t believe me, Barcelona and its timeless beach night clubs will make sure you understand what we mean. The beaches of Barcelona offer a delightful view year round. The view and scenery of these clubs however, are now complementary additives to the rest of what they offer for the after-hour events. This city never sleeps, from sundown to sunrise you are guaranteed to find something to do. Frankly, what has granted these clubs total success is the music and ambience that are being offered at these locations.Shoko

The club scene begins around eleven. People from all over the world go to plethora of different bars and being their pre-celebratory rituals. With literally hundreds of
restaurant-bars with new exotic beverages and exquisite food, it proves difficult to start the night on the wrong foot. After the troops have endured roll-call amongst other rituals the lines outside the club begin to form.

The Funk is Key

Waiting around to get into the clubs can be sort of tricky. The bouncers eye ball each and every individual from head to toe. Be sure to look business casual with a striking sense of funk, however, do not dress too casual or too extroverted, they really do not seem to like that. Also, according to word of mouth, there are daily guess lists that allow you to get in for free. Whatever you decide to do, do make sure to carry a beat demeanor at the front of the line.

Once in the club, an electric sensation will take over your body, causing you to move around and enjoy the atmosphere. With some of the freshest tracks and mixes out on the electric realm being spun onto the dance floor by the DJ, maintain proper posture has become a thing of the past. These clubs host some of the best and most recently upcoming artists in the business. Artists like Tiesto, Nicky Romero, Paul van Dyke, Kaskade amongst many more.

You will dance for hours and meet some of the most fun people you will ever meet. There are few things you are allowed to miss out on during a lifetime, visiting the Barcelona club-row is not one of them. If you want to remember a night with people you will never forget Barcelona is the place to be.

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Enrique is a writer, world traveler, and music enthusiast.

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