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Swimmik, experts in swimming

Written by Magaly Infante

Swim through the water, not against it. This is perhaps the most passionately repeated phrase by the coaches of Swimmik. We spoke with Edu, Matías and Lola (managers of Swimmik) to learn what there is behind this phrase, and the truth is, we now have a tremendous desire to swim with them. From ShBarcelona, we present to you an amazing alternative to keep you in shape and enjoy the summer of the city.

What does it mean to swim through the water?

For Edu Mirapeix, there are three essential concepts in swimming: the position of the body, the technique of the movement and the stroke. The combination of these three elements allow us to enjoy swimming without fighting against the water. Therefore, the technique is the base of Swimmik; of their trainings, their swim classes, their clinics and their outings to the ocean.
Both Edu and Matías, the two coaches, understand that to help with learning the technique, it’s important to be alongside the swimmer. In their classes you frequently see them throw themselves into the water and help the swimmers to better place the position of their body, arm, head…. ¨at first some of our clients couldn’t do more than two pool lengths in a row. Now they´re swimming 2500 meters each practice easily¨, one of the trainers told us.

What types of clients is it aimed towards?

All the amateur athletes that want to practice swimming are welcome, from those who just want to swim once a week to make swimming their sport to more advanced swimmers that want to improve more technical elements through technique sessions. Among their swimmers are foreign tourists taking advantage of their stay in Barcelona with some days in their pools.

Swimmik actually counts on groups and open classes in various locations in the city: in the Zona Alta they have the pool at the Centre Esportiu Santa Isabel and the pool at the Escola Pía de Sarriá, and in Barceloneta the pool at Club Natació Barcelona with an exceptional location alongside the ocean. Their objective is to come to agreements with other pools to cover certain zones in the city and offer more flexibility to their clients.

We´ll leave you their web page, where you can look through their videos of their classes, photos of the facilities and the experience of the coaches. Don´t forget to follow them they’re good and they know what they’re doing in the water.

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