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Summer Festivals in Barcelona

Written by James

For the majority of people looking to visiting Barcelona, the best time to do this is during the summer months. This is when the city truly comes alive, and the excellent weather Barcelona experiences on a daily basis only encourages its residents and guests to take in everything the city has to offer. There are many festivals occurring in Barcelona during the summer, and this article will take a look at some of the highlights of these events. This article will also explain how you can find suitable apartments to rent in Barcelona.

Summer Festivals in Barcelona

There are plenty of festivals you can choose to attend during the summer in Barcelona, and some time should be spent reading up on what’s available and suitable for you and your interests. These include music festivals, art festivals and cuisine events dedicate to showcasing the finest local dishes. This Time Out article on Barcelona festivals is a great way to find something of interest, and readers should also look over this Party Earth entry on what’s on.

Music Festivals

Barcelona is becoming more and more known for its music festivals, and the most exciting of these events take place between June and September. The Sonar Music Festival features some of the greatest international and local electronic musicians working today. Musica als Parcs is a very popular festival that runs between June and August in some of Barcelona’s most loved parks. These gigs are put on for free and feature a variety of artists.

Sant Joan

This annual celebration occurs on the 23rd of June, but you will find the city coming to life in the weeks leading up to it. The best place to enjoy the festivities is on one of Barcelona’s beautiful beaches. In the evening bonfires will be lit and you will experience a thrilling fireworks display. Readers should note that due to the fireworks this event might not be suitable for very young children.

Festa Major de Gracia

The Festa Major de Gracia takes place during the third week of August each year, and consists of 25 residential streets taking part in a massive street decoration competition. Residents really take this competition seriously and you can expect to see streets transformed into jungles, pirate ships and other exciting landscapes. This is a great place to take children and there are plenty of activities for them to engage in.

Renting in Barcelona

Finding suitable Vacation rentals Barcelona can be a very easy process if you decide to lease from a flexible agency like ShBarcelona. ShBarcelona have a selection of properties to rent for varying times ranging from a day to year, and anything in between. The company are the current leaders in the Barcelona single month rental market, but also have a number of properties available to buy.

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