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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish – Creative Training

Written by Paula

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish was created in 2011 by Lucas L. Daglio, Creative Director and teacher, and Guadalupe González, Art Director and graphic designer. The program was conceived with the objective of offering students the answer to questions such as “How does creative thinking work?”, “How do I fuel inspiration?”, “What is creativity’s role in our day to day lives?”.

The workshops offered by Stay Hungry Stay Foolish are:

Creative Training for Groups

creative barcelonaThis 9-week workshop is directed to people who want to improve their creative abilities, those who want to learn how to work creativity using different techniques, conceptualization and idea production.

One on one Creative Training

This workshop’s objective is to enhance the students’ creativity, discover and amplify internal resources and learn about the tools and work process that allow them to optimize their time and not stop creating.

Partners Creative Training

This workshop was designed for creative partners such as screenwriters and directors, writers and illustrators, art directors and copywriters, etc. The students will learn effective processes to work as a team, work on new projects or recover projects that were left in standby, and work on participation dynamics to learn about constructive feedback.

Online Creative Training

This 9-week program is meant for all people who want to improve their creative abilities. Students will learn how to work creativity using different techniques, work processes, conceptualization and idea production.

Creative Training for Companies

This program was created for companies and small businesses that wish to optimize their team’s dynamic in order to obtain better results and innovate while developing new products or services.

The course can also be taken by educational institutions who wish to give their teachers new, creative tools to be used in their classes.

Creative Writing and Artistic Book

creative barcelonaThis 8-week program is directed at writers, bloggers, journalists, copywriters and all of those who wish to enhance their creative abilities. Students will learn new techniques, develop alternative paths, write 6 texts and design their own artistic book based on one or all the texts written in class.

To learn more about each program, click on “Talleres” on the company’s official website.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish is located at Gran Via, number 757, close to Glòries mall. The best way to get there is by taking the red line (L1) of the subway and exiting at Glòries.

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