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Rock Fest Barcelona 2016: The gods of metal are coming for you

Written by Miguel

If you’re a faithful of the musical dark arts, wait no more – your day of rockoning is finally coming. This July, on the weekend of 15 to 17, Rock Fest Barcelona 2016 comes to the Can Zam park in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, where the heaviest bands in the world will use their mighty riffs to summon the arockalypse.


Photo by Shadowgate via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Photo by Shadowgate via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Rock Fest 2016 presents an absolutely fantastic line-up for fans of heavy music, with apprentices of the dark arts and legends of the genre coming together to deliver what is shaping up to be an earth-shattering festival.

Can Zam park will feature a giant double stage in which concerts will happen continuously, with one band starting on one stage as soon as the previous one finishes on the other.

There are just some of the must see acts on the poster:

Moonspell (Friday, July 15) – From neighbouring Portugal, comes a band with a career spanning over two decades and a cult following amongst European metal fans. From gothic to death, these versatile rockers have experimented with several sub-genres of the heavy arts and are equally effective no matter which poison they choose to dish out.

Blind Guardian (Friday, July 15) – One of the seminal bands of the power metal and speed metal scenes of the 80’s, the Germans currently display a more complex and progressive sound. One of the many legendary heavy bands you can watch live in Barcelona this summer.

Iron Maiden (Saturday, July 16) – Speaking of legends, what can we say about Iron Maiden? Don’t run to the hills, run to Barcelona if you’re not there yet. While these Brits probably started making music way before you were born, there is no debate about the timeless quality of their music. A must, must-see.

Candlemass (Sunday, July 17) – In discussions about influential doom metal bands, Candlemass is a name mentioned only second to Black Sabbath. One of the best-selling artists to ever come out of Sweden, which is remarkable for a metal band, they are sure to make the night fall over Barcelona a bit earlier on Sunday, when their rituals take over the stage at 15:15.

Slayer (Sunday, July 17) – One of the bands most beloved by metal fans worldwide, the legendary trash metal powerhouse from California refuses to slow down, having just released “Repentless” last year. An unmissable gig for any dedicated metalhead.

More Info

Photo by loop_oh via / CC BY-NC-SA

Photo by loop_oh via / CC BY-NC-SA

How to get there – Can Zam park is easily accessible by Bus or Metro. The festival’s official website features a map and a useful public transport guide you should check out.

Tickets – A 3-day pass will cost 150€. Check all the different packages available and choose what suits you best.

Headbanging warm-ups – We don’t want you to strain anything while you’re rocking out full-blast at Rock Fest Barcelona 2016, so make sure you do some warm-up exercises in order to get your neck ready for all the metal goodness you’re about to witness.

You’re all set! Please use the comment box below to tell us which acts you’re most looking forward to seeing. Enjoy yourself and have a HELL of a good time!

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Miguel is a freelance writer and copywriter who believes that words can really take you places - so hop on his words and dare to discover the wonders of Barcelona with him.

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