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Restaurants and tapas

Rias de Galicia, the seafood restaurant you will love

Written by James

Being a combination of the coastal and cosmopolitan city means that seafood lovers will not be spoiled for choice if they live in Barcelona. While there are a number of restaurants specializing in seafood the one that stands out is the Rias de Galicia situated in El Poble-sec, a neighborhood in the Sants-Montjuïc district of Barcelona.

Not only is Rias de Galicia the outstanding seafood restaurant in all of Barcelona it also protects all the traditions involved in eating these rare delicacies plucked from beneath the ocean waves. Mentioning the expression “fast food “ in a seafood restaurant is liable not to go down well. That means that anyone looking for ticketing themselves to a first-class mail at this first-class restaurant should come prepared to spend an entire evening being spoiled by a series of delicacies.

Anyone visiting Rias de Galicia for the first time will be impressed by how many locals can be found eating the area as well as seafood lovers from all over the world, either visitors to the city or those who have made their home there.

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Once you have the issue of where to live taken care of, then you can in begin to really enjoy the delights of living in Barcelona, including partaking of a seafood meal now and again.

One of the first delicacies are usually appear as starters on a seafood menu are cockles which always make for a tasty appetizer.

Some of the main courses available at Rias de Galicia include Grilled Baby Octopus otherwise known as Pulpitas, or the house special Octopus Galician Style, Razor clams, barnacles, baby eel or langostines, to name but a few of the local delicacies .

If you have a taste for seafood then an occasional evening at the Rias de Galicia should be considered well spent, although you should go with an appetite for spending money was an average meal, not inclusive of wine, running in at around 150 Euros a head.

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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