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Restaurants and tapas

Barcelona Restaurant Botafumeiro

Written by James

Botafumeiro is one of Barcelona’s top restaurants. They are actually considered by many to be the best seafood restaurant in the city. When I enquired about this restaurant to some of my friends and colleagues, they instantly knew all about the restaurant, even the ones who hadn’t eaten there before. It seems that this place has made quite a name for itself and after trying the food, I could see why.

IMG_4207According to their website, each dish they serve is the result of painstaking work that often begins thousands of miles from their restaurant. They use only the best and finest raw materials available on the market so that all the chefs have to worry about is marinating, seasoning and cooking the dish to perfection.

Many people do know that when they go out to eat, many places are unable to provide top notch raw ingredients and the chefs are often expected to perform miracles with substandard meats, vegetables, herbs and spices. Botafumeiro refuses to impose those kinds of restrictions on their culinary team, leaving them free to make sure that every taste is something that the customer wants to savor.

They go on to say that the early mornings of Botafumeiro are the fish auctions of Catalonia and Galicia: the hubbub of the auction and the character of the fisherman in the day’s chilliest hours. Therefore, because every day we give our all in selecting the best catches, our cuisine is the victory of unmatched tradition and freshness, of the fully-fledged Mediterranean and Cantabrian cultures. Everything that you could want to know about this restaurant can be found on their website here.

seafoodMany tourists come from far and wide to try the dishes at the Botafumeiro restaurant which was established in 1975. Many of these visitors use ShBarcelona to rent a flat in Barcelona. Firms such as this are becoming ever more popular because the people want the real Barcelona experience rather than staying in a hotel which might alienate a person on vacation from the locals.

Barcelona rentals are actually now even more popular than the hotels themselves. To rent an apartment in Barcelona in order to visit the Botafumeiro restaurant in Gracia, all one has to do is search online and look for the key phrase, “apartment for rent in Barcelona”. Some come down and go rent apartment in Barcelona, then come over to Gracia and try some of the finest seafood your tastebuds could ever taste!

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James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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