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Teatre Museu El Rei de la Màgia

Written by Miguel
Photo by Larry He's So Fine via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC

Photo by Larry He’s So Fine via Visual Hunt

Don’t you sometimes wish life was just a little more… magical? Well, we’ve got good news for you – it’s easy to make it so. If you live in Barcelona, all you have to do is grab your friends or loved ones and head to Teatre Museu El Rei de la Màgia, a place with well over a hundred years of magical history. But first, let us tell you about its origins. It all started with a small…


Address: Carrer de la Princesa, 11.

When El Rei was founded by Joaquim Partagàs in 1881, it was the first store in Barcelona dedicated to the performing art of magic. While it provided props and materials to a relatively small group of individuals, it soon captured the imagination of the whole city. Over the years, owners changed, the world changed, the performance itself changed, but the spirit of the establishment remained the same – a great passion for magic and a tremendous appreciation for the smiles it puts on people’s faces. Keeping up with the times, it now also exists as an online store.

Theatre and Museum

Address: Carrer Jonqueres, 15.

Located less than a kilometre away from the original establishment, Teatre Museu El Rei de la Màgia expanded on the store’s legacy and became a city treasure in its own right. It is essentially a magic club – kind of like a comedy club, but here, if you heckle the performer, you might end up sawn in half inside a box. Well, two boxes.

Teatre – This is the room where the magic happens – quite literally. In addition to scheduled performances by experienced magicians, there’s also space for “jam sessions”, where young tricksters are free to hone their craft and get used to interacting with an audience. Both types of shows are incredibly fun – and definitely different from anything else you might experience in Barcelona.

Bar – What’s an entertainment club without a bar? This is a comfortable place to relax with a drink and, who knows, you might get an impromptu magical performance from one of the students. Students? Oh, yes. El Rei de la Màgia also has a…

Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay

School of magic – Always liked magic but never found the time or place to learn how to do it? Here’s your chance. There are currently three course levels offered by the school: Card tricks, initiation for adults and level two for adults.

Museum – The museum is where the history of the art is preserved – in the form of props, posters and all type of magic memorabilia. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to take a closer look at the tools of the trade. The museum is open to the public from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11 AM to 2 PM and from 4 PM to 20 PM. Ticket prices are 5€ for adults, 3€ for children under 14 and senior citizens. To schedule a guided tour, call the number 933187192.

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There you have it, now you know about the two most magical places in town. Are you planning to visit the store or Teatre Museu El Rei de la Màgia soon? Let us know all about it using the comment box below. Have fun, and hey, what’s that behind your ear?

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