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Pronovias Dream Job: Personal Interview

Pronovias Dream Job: Personal Interview
Written by Olivia

For many women, especially those who are about to have their moment down the aisle, the name Pronovias gives them butterflies.

Created in 1992 in Barcelona, this Catalan brand, is today a worldwide bridal company that creates incredible dresses for women who want to have their fairytale wedding.

I had a chance to interview the head of the USA marketing department, Samantha Hansen, who essentially has a dream job (think The Devil Wears Prada, minus the insane boss).

pronovias-2015-bridal-collections-part-2-belle-the-magazine-the-wedding-blog-for-the-sophisticated-bride-334-intSHBCN: What does a normal day at work look like for you?

Samantha Hansen: One hour commute via public transport from the barri de Barceloneta to Pronovias headquarters offices in El Prat. I start by checking all of the social media profiles I manage for Pronovias (various FB, Twitter, Instagram, G+, Pinterest accounts) and doing the Community Manager job tasks – answering questions, comments, messages, checking out shares, likes etc., and of course doing the daily updates. The rest of the day is divided into  meetings, planning editorial content calendars, working on planning events with PR, corresponding with bloggers and influencers and managers, writing blog posts, and always analyzing our work through metrics.

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SHBCN: Do you prefer working in the office or on the set of a shoot or a show?

Samantha: Well, since I started at Pronovias this last June, I don’t have an abundance of experience working outside of the office. I went to Rome for a photo shoot and a store opening event, and I will be going to New York this coming week for an in-store event at our flagship store in Manhattan. I’ve loved the event and photo shoot, but I also enjoy the day-to-day of working with my team in the office. I love variety!!

SHBCN: What has been your favorite trip with Pronovias thus far?

Samantha: As I mentioned before, not a ton of trip experience thus far, but my favorite trip was Rome in early November. It was so fun to help with a photo shoot with a famous Italian blogger in all the iconic spots around the city, then help coordinate the flagship store opening party! Lots of pressure but a great experience.

SHBCN: Do you ever have problems communicating being an American working in Barcelona?

007VAREL_6391Samantha: Mmm… Not often. I have been told many a time that I have a VERY American accent, whether speaking English or Spanish, so sometimes people who are used to hearing native English struggle at first with my American English. That and aside from many cultural differences that you eventually notice (Americans eat so much faster, Americans are much more punctual, etc..). Otherwise, I usually love it!

SHBCN: Do you have any new projects or lines that you are excited about promoting in your trip to New York?

Samantha: Yes! So the event in New York is a bridal makeup masterclass that will be led by celebrity makeup artist, Pati Dubroff. But what I’m really excited about is that for the first time ever we did a Facebook fan contest and the winner will attend the event and get to do a meet and greet with Pati, so that is cool! We will be using Periscope (video streaming app via Twitter) for the first time to do coverage of the event so that should be interesting. Otherwise looking forward to finally meeting our NYC store staff and NYC-based American PR agency in person!

Thank you to Samantha for shedding some light on the day in the life of a dream job at Pronovias. If you have the big day, or even just a classy event coming up soon, check out their website to shop online or make an appointment at their store at Rambla de Catalunya.!

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Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.

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