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Picnic, more than a great meal, it’s an unforgettable experience

Written by Magaly Infante

Barcelona is the perfect city to spend time outside because of the amazing weather and their beautiful spots. Spring, summer, autumn or winter, any season of the year, is perfect to make a plan outdoor in Barcelona because of the nice weather, that’s the reason we present you a new plan. We recommend you to wear lighter clothes, get the wine opened and enjoy a nice meal, it is Picnic time!

From ShBarcelona, we invite you to discover the experience of a special picnic in Barcelona!

Picnic Barcelona, an innovative concept

Picnic Barcelona is a new and complete Picnic service that provides all the kitchenware and food, such as exclusive products from Spain, fresh drinks and some nice decoration, so you can enjoy a perfect experience outside. You just need to choose a spot to lie down and your company to spend a good moment.

From beginning until the end, Picnic Barcelona takes care of every detail and presents an original idea to enjoy with friends, family or on a perfect romantic date with your couple. The process is very easy and adaptable, is just two steps and you will have the possibility to choose between Montjuïc gardens, Barceloneta beach, your office or you can directly contact with them and they will recommend you a nice place with views according to your preferences. It is delivered to all the places around Barcelona. It permits you to discover Barcelona from another perspective and make a different activity away from the tourism.

Now, you will have the opportunity to get fresh air, as well as enjoy splendid views of the city on the sunset and discover new spots.

Just 2 steps away for an amazing experience!

First, you choose your Picnic Basket between “Grab & Go Picnic Basket”, “Plus Picnic Basket” and our favorite the “Luxury Picnic Basket”. All of them contain wonderful kitchenware, a big blanket and you can find different options according to your preference.

Then, you choose a Picnic Menu between 9 delicious offers or the option to customized and create your own menu.

There is a wide selection of products for all tastes and budgets, but with the same high quality. You could choose between the cheapest menu, an exclusive sandwich, black truffle chips and steamed brioches of green tea and blueberries. Or if you are looking for something even more special and luxury, you can choose the Caviar menu with blinis, sweets, Artisan Flauta breads with the best ham of the world and of course something to drink, like good a delicious wine or exclusive champagne. Picnic gives you the opportunity to try local, gourmet and delicious products and make sure you have an amazing time.

Best spots to enjoy your Picnic, just choose and they deliver

We really like this service, they also recommended you nice spots, a selected list with areas of Barcelona, a map filter according your interests and beautiful parks as well, just need to check out their website for more information. You will have the opportunity to choose between a large amount of delivery spots selected by Picnic Barcelona for any place and any time, just need to book it previously. If something happens like rain or any plan changes, don’t worry about it, you can always change the day or cancel 24 hours before.

Finally, Picnic Barcelona is good in quality-price, it offers a high level gastronomy for an affordable price and you can enjoy a wonderful experience you will never forget. Bon appétit!

Picnic, more than a great meal, it’s an unforgettable experience
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