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Discover Ovella Negra in Barcelona

Written by Thompson Crowley

There are many places to see in Barcelona, lots of cultural and historical landmarks that you should definitely visit. Some you will have heard of before you come, and some you will only find out about once you are here. Whatever your taste, the city has so much to offer that there is sure to be a place for just about anyone.

If you enjoy the nightlife and are looking for great places to drink and socialize at some point you are going to hear about L’Ovella Negra (The black sheep).

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What is it?

Photo by Chesi - Fotos CC via

Photo by Chesi – Fotos CC via VisualHunt

L’Ovella Negra is a legendary rustic tavern. It refers to itself as being “mythical” which isn’t far from the truth. It was first established in 1965 and has been running successfully ever since. It offers a wide range of drinks, all at a reasonable price, plus some food as well, to an eclectic crowd from all over the world.

Where is it?

L’Ovella Negra is located down a dark alleyway on Carrer de les Sitges, in the El Raval neighbourhood, just off La Rambla. It is in a building dating from the 17th century which was originally a convent, later changing to a grain store, before becoming the tavern. It can be easy to miss as it’s pretty much just a big wooden door built into a wall. There is also a L’Ovella Negra in Poblenou, located in Carrer de Zamora.

What’s it like inside?

Photo by Alexandre López Conesa via VisualHunt

Photo by Alexandre López Conesa via VisualHunt

L’Ovella Negra is a place full of character. It retains the charm of its history with its patches of bare brickwork and low wooden beams. It is well lit, with ample seating around long wooden tables, and has varnished beer barrels jotted all over the place. The walls are full of trinkets and hangings from various eras and the stained-glass windows let in a variety of colours. There is a pool table, as well as table football to play, in a variety of catacombs which you can easily get lost in.

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What goes on?

Well, drinking seems to be the number one activity. But there are also friends gathering from afar, merriment, and socializing. They venue often has live music on, inviting great local musicians to play a variety of styles. They also show football when the bigger matches are on. There’s a mixture of age groups making up the crowd, mainly tourists, but also some locals. All in all, L’Ovella Negra has a really friendly and fun environment.

So, when can I go?

It’s open from 9am to 3am every day during the week, and from 5pm to 3am at the weekends. So, what are you waiting for?

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About the author

Thompson Crowley

Thompson is a musician from the U.K who fell in love with Barcelona. He is constantly discovering new things in the city, which he shares with the readers through his articles.

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