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Discover Osona

Written by Aléxia Costa

There is a simple city in the north of Spain called Osona whose capital – Vic – offers a humble but strong cultural and historic experience. Here is why it’s worth a visit.

The Museums

Photo by: Montse Poch:Off via Visual Hunt : CC BY-SA

Photo by: Montse Poch: Off via VisualHunt

The Center for Contemporary Arts – ACVic –  is more than a museum. Besides presenting and promoting the visual arts, it also organizes activities to encourage artistic creation, emotional expression and the spreading of contemporary arts. In ACVic you can find national and international contemporary artists that address global issues through their artworks.

Vicenç Piera is a museum focused on leather art. Having opened its doors in 1996 in the center of the city, the museum shows a collection of works done in several types of leather, a traditional subject in Vic. It is an important museum to visit if you wish to experience the city’s culture. The pieces are mostly decorative with distinct techniques and eras, with works from Europe, China, and Africa.

The Episcopal Museum has several collections that will astonish the ancient art lovers, from romanesque wood carvings, to gothic artifacts, the museum showcases an incredible Catalan medieval art gathering, presenting sculpture, paintings and well-known masterpieces from great artists. A part of the museum is dedicated to the archaeological discoveries of the city, with episcopal treasures from the 11th century on its corridors, reflecting the life that once hung in those walls.

For a trip to the past visit the Sant Pere de Casserres Monastery. Considered a cultural landmark in 1931, it is a must visit site in Vic. For the lovers of ancient culture, there’s the monastery legend to learn, along with the reconstruction inside the monastery that reflects its daily life in the middle ages. The monastery also beautiful gardens to walk around, making it a good choice for a family trip.

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Other activities you can’t miss

Photo by: Aurelien G. Photographie via : CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by: Aurelien G. Photographie via Visualhunt

The live music market  happens every September and brings musical chaos to the streets of Osona. The event hosts national and international performances from several genres such as Latin rock, jazz, among others, and presents the visitors with jam sessions around the city.

If you’re traveling in December, you can’t miss the medieval market. In here you can find handmade crafts, sausages, candy, among other things. The streets are full of actors putting on live performances as the day goes by and you can learn about medieval crafts such as preparing bread and iron smithing.

If you’re looking to stay for a few days or more, you can visit ShBarcelona and choose a rental accommodation that best fits your needs so that you can enjoy everything that Osona has to offer.

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Aléxia Costa

Aléxia Costa is a ghostwriter for both fiction and non-fiction.

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