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Most original classes in Barcelona

Most original classes in Barcelona
Written by Paula

If you type the words “classes in Barcelona” in Google, you will find thousands of results, most of them offering language and arts classes. It’s only if you dig deep enough that you will discover some of the most unique and original classes the city has to offer.

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We did a little digging ourselves. Here’s are some of the most original classes we discovered:


clases barcelonaFor all of those who truly appreciate beer, there is now the opportunity to learn the process by which it’s made. There are different companies and individuals who provide beer-making lessons in Barcelona, some are live classes, while others are virtual classes.

Where to try it:

Steve’s Brave New Beer  Location depends on booking.

Cerveza Artesana Online classes.

Cursos de Especialización en Cerveza Artesana y Microcervecerias Carrer de Vila i Vila, 73.


Mosaic is a form of art in which the artist creates images by assembling small pieces of colored glass, stone or other materials. In mosaic classes, students can learn how to create works using this intricate technique, resulting in their own original piece of art. Depending on where students take the class, they can also learn to work with Trencadís, a type of mosaic used in Catalan modernism, made famous by the works of Gaudí.

Barcelona Mosaic Classes Carrer de Valencia, 202.

Moaiccos  Carrer de Corders, 10.

Arty Barcelona Location depends on booking.

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Pole Dancing

A sensual style of dance, pole dancing is also a great way to keep the body in shape. The choreographies focus not only on the tasteful exhibition of the dancer’s feminine side but also on intricate, acrobatic moves that require strength and coordination.

Where to try it:

Pole Dance BCN Carrer de Rocafort 250.

Pole Dance Factory Plaça de les Dones, 36.

Feeling Woman Carrer de Pere IV, 29-35.

Strip-Art Studio Carrer de Sent Jordi, 19.


Tuppersex is a workshop with a sexologist who informs students about a variety of sex toys and accessories, teaching them how to use them in the most pleasurable way possible.

Sex Academy Barcelona Carrer de Neptú, 26.

Tuppersex Barcelona Carrer Beat Oriol, 1.

Dulce de Leche Studio Carrer de la Canuda.

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Aerial Training

Aerial Training is a combination of exercise and dance that happens up in the air. By using a harness, a trapeze or fabric hanging down from the ceiling, the students can perform intricate choreographies and acrobatics. This imaginative style of dancing/exercise helps the students to tone the body, enhances their breathing capacity, improves coordination, concentration, elasticity and flexibility.

clases barcelonaWhere to try it:

Xperimenta Espacio Carrer de Roc Boronat, 39.

Nidra Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 268.

OnAir  Carrer de Pere IV, 99.

Clases de Trapezio, Tela y Aro Carrer Carders, 12.

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