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MOURN: Barcelona´s Unstoppable Punk Group

Written by Laura

Barcelona-based punk band MOURN is young – as in, the oldest members of the four-person group were born 21 years ago. Yet they are surging ahead in their genre, with a busy year ahead and an accomplished two albums and two EP´s already under their belt since their start in 2014.  MOURN is releasing a third album, ¨Sorpresa Familia¨, on June 15, 2018 and will be going on an album release tour with artist Chastity commencing July 18 in Brooklyn, New York, and continuing with concerts until August throughout the United States and a quick jaunt through Canada.

The alternative quartet began through the friendship of Jazz Rodríguez Bueno and Carla Pérez Vas, both of whom are from El Maresme. Like many young artists, they started out sharing their music on Youtube before being signed by Brooklyn-based label Captured Tracks and Spanish label Sones, who they have since left after announcing that the label was preventing them from releasing a new LP in 2015. Along with the guitar and singing talents of Rodríguez Bueno and Pérez Vas, the band features Antonio Postius on drums and Leia Rodríguez on bass. 

Since announcing ¨Sorpresa Familia¨ back in April, MOURN has released three singles from the album – ¨Fun at the Geysers¨, ¨Doing it Right¨, and ¨Barcelona City Tour¨, all full of raw frustrated energy and grungey teen-anthem vibes. ¨Barcelona City Tour¨ and ¨Fun at the Geysers¨ are both accompanied by personal, self-directed music videos of the quartet running around together in Barcelona and Reykjavik, respectively. Check out the ¨Fun at the Geysers¨ video here: 

In an April press release, the band described the ¨intense and visceral emotions¨ they´ve embodied in the new album, a reflective synthesis of the challenges and joys within the last two years of their lives. ¨Now we know life is SORPRESA (surprise), but above all it is FAMILIA (family)”, the band said in the release.

Carla Pérez Vas on guitar as MOURN plays in 2015 / photo courtesy of MOURN

Their sound, while intense, is also vibrant and clap-and-scream youthful, and stays close to the roots of alternative punk, with inspiration from predecessors such as Sleater Kinney and Patti Smith, the band says. Their well-known earlier music rallied a punky youthful fan base with songs off their self-titled first album ¨MOURN¨ like ¨Your Brain Is Made of Candy¨, and ¨Gertrudis, Get Through This¨and ¨Irrational Friend¨, both from their sophomore album, ¨Ha Ha He¨.  

The attitude at the heart of their music can be summed up in their own words through the self-description on their Facebook page¨Four nerds playing music and shit at the doors of hell¨.

Main photo courtesy of MOURN 

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