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Montana Barcelona – sprays, art and food

Montana Barcelona – sprays, art and food
Written by Paula

Montana Colors is a brand of quality, low-cost graffiti spray created in Barcelona over 20 years ago. Shortly after selling their first product at the end of 1993 at Gràcia’s Game Over shop, the brand gained popularity among artists around Europe, with people from different countries coming to Barcelona to purchase large quantities of the product and take it back with them.

grafitti barcelonaToday Montana Colors is sold in over 60 countries, in cities like Montpellier, Rio de Janeiro, Nottingham, Montreal, Sidney, Tokyo and Santiago de Chile.

On top of being affordable products, Montana Colors’ sprays are also eco-friendly, working with certifications that guarantee their commitment to the environment, having also pioneered the reuse of empty aerosol cans all over the world. All of Montana Colors’ products are made entirely of fully recyclable components.

Feeling as an important part of the movement, Montana Colors has been a great supporter of Graffiti art from the beginning. Their product was created with street artists in mind, in order to provide a quality product that allowed them to express themselves creatively, without having to empty their wallets.

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In 2004, Montana Colors opened its very first shop, Montana Shop Barcelona, located at Carrer del Comerç 6. At Montana Shop Barcelona, people can find hats, t-shirts, sweaters, tote bags, prints, markers and, of course, a huge variety of Montana Colors sprays. Some of the items are available for purchase online while others are only available in the physical store.

Located next to Montana Shop Barcelona is Montana Gallery Barcelona, a space that was founded in 2007 with the objective of showcasing works by new and emerging graffiti and street art artists from Spain and abroad. Some of the many artists who have had their work displayed in Montana Gallery Barcelona are Steve Harrington, Henry Chalfant & Sharp, Ernst Zacharevic, and Mark Bodé.

grafitti barcelonaAnd as if a store and a gallery weren’t enough – and they weren’t, we more Montana and we want it now! – Montana Colors also opened the Montana Cafè Restaurant. Located at Carrer del Comerç 4, Montana Cafè Restaurant offers traditional Spanish food and artisanal desserts, all of them prepared with fresh seasonal products.

Supporting the sustainability of our planet, Montana Cafè Restaurant participates in the campaign “Meat Free Monday”, promoting the reduction of consumption of meat and fish.

The restaurant/cafè is also open to receiving events like meetings, presentations and exhibits.

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