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MADE Makerspace: Barcelona’s 3D Printing Workshop

Written by Scott

There’s something brewing in the basement of MOB, the Makers of Barcelona co-working space.  Every afternoon, as the workday comes to an end, a motley crew of artists, inventors, hackers, entrepreneurs, and engineers begin shuffling through MOB’s front doors, past the original artwork on the walls, and proceed directly down to the basement.  Well, most of them grab a free ice-cold Estrella from the cooler at the top of the stairs.  But then, it begins.

When the rest of the world calls it a day, the Makers of Barcelona are just getting started.  The lights flicker on, laptops are cracked open, and the room of 3D printers and sci-fi-like devices spring to life.  Welcome to MADE-BCN.

MADE is a flexible space designed for anyone with a creative side and who wants to develop their own projects from scratch.  As a completely autonomous group, meaning there are no investors or corporate sponsors they have to answer to, MADE operates completely on the goodwill and participation of the members who join.  Official launched in April by James Brazil, Ugo Riboni, and Camillo Valdivia, MADE was (and still is) literally built by the hands of the initial members.  “Work stations, benches, racks, shelves, and desks are all reimagined and rebuilt using whatever materials we can get our hands on,” says James. 

The space is designed to incubate experimental learning and innovation for students, prototype concepts and ideas for professionals and also facilitate individual and collaborative DIY projects. The mission is to build an open-community of learning, co-production and entrepreneurial activities that thrive on creating something new.

With each passing week, new members join and new materials are brought in.  By last count, they have four 3D printers, the iModela milling machine, a Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter, and a cooler full of Estrella Damm (did I already mention that?)

Every Monday is a MADE open day where newcomers can meet the team, explore the space and check out the current projects. These guys are just getting started and we’re excited to watch as they unite with other MADE spaces located around the world.  Stay tuned.

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Scott Mackin is the founder of Barcinno Media, S.L. and editor of the daily tech blog, Barcinno. If you want to talk shop about the Barcelona startup scene don’t hesitate to reach him @scottjmackin.

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