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Lu Ink, a charming shop

Written by Adriana

Blanca Cases and George Angles are the owners and creators of Lu Ink, a store-workshop-gallery that sells and exhibits furniture, objects, serigraphy textiles, restored antiques and many other original pieces, all handmade by both artists. This couple has been passionately immersed since a few years ago in their personal project and this is reflected in every detail of the items for sale. Don’t miss the opportunity to know the story behind what you are buying explained by its own creators and come to walk around the shelves and nooks of this charming place at  the 141 of Madrazo street. Let’s know them a little bit more…

What is Lu Ink and what we find here?

Lu Ink is a textiles and objects brand that has their own shop in Barcelona. In the store, which is also a workshop, you can find art, design and decoration. Textiles, paintings, photograph, objects in wood and glass, recycled furniture, T-shirts, books and anything else you can think of and we think is beautiful.

How did the idea of opening this shop come up?

We opened the shop in order to expose the things we did and, as we needed also a workshop, we opened the store to work in a nice environment.

Where do you get the “raw materials”, furniture, objects, etc. whom you work with?

For most of the things that we do and have in the shop the raw material is wood, fabric or paper. We often give a new use for old objects, or pieces of all kinds that we “track” over the world.

As far as I know your son Vladick helps you in the design or production of the items that you sell, how is he involved?

Our son has a corner in the store in order to express himself. Obviously, we hear his views and opinions.

What are your sources of inspiration? Do you follow any trends when it comes to design your creations or what you sell in Lu Ink?

We get inspired by traveling, reading, listening to the music, walking on the street, etc. We don’t follow any trends, each one has his/her own guide and the things you create have to like you a lot.

In the technified era we live in you opt for hand-made things. Do you think that is emerging because of the financial crisis?

Although there wasn’t any financial crisis hand-made things have the charm of things made with love, have the soul of its creator and any object is like other. We think that because of the crisis people tends to make thinks with their hands rather than buy them on a shop.

And finally… do you recommend starting a business like yours? How was the process of opening this store?

I don’t know if I recommend it or not. Our project didn’t start as a business, it was a passion.

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